Team Oriented Drills to Improve Your Play

Team Oriented Drills to Improve Your Play
Team Oriented Drills to Improve Your Play
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Product Description

  • Increase communication and aggressiveness, and improve out of system play!
  • Help your players to better understand score and situation scenarios to improve their match performance
  • These drills deliver conditioning, maximum touches on the ball and teach you how to coach emotion into your team
with Thanh Pham; University of St. Thomas Head Coach;
2013 NCAA D-III National Champions; 2013 MIAC Coach of the Year. 4X MIAC Coach of the Year; 7x MIAC Champions; in his 10-year run as head coach (2003-13), Pham has produced the league's Player of the Year six times; his teams have a conference winning percentage of .900 in league play

NCAA Division III National Championship coach Thanh Pham coaches his team through a series of 11 teams drills. These drills develop a variety of skills and concepts including serving, serve-receive, aggressive attacking, team defense, hustle, out of system play, composure, celebration and more. Because Coach Pham shares many variations for each drill, you can use them practice after practice by simply changing the assignments to keep them fresh. These drills will challenge your team throughout the season.

These drills will help your players not only enjoy practice, but also all the little things like shagging balls and hustling in and out of breaks.

If you believe 'the game teaches the game', then Coach Pham's excellent collection of 6-on-6 drills will help train your team in game-like situations while still focusing on specific areas of team and individual improvement. Your players will have fun while learning to play as a team.

The drills include:

  • 6-on-6 Tips and Rolls Drill - This warm-up drill will allow you to check your team's movements and assignments. Whatever you want to emphasize and improve on, emphasize it in this drill.
  • Effort Drill - This is a fun team drill to get your players to communicate better and give greater effort during a match. This drill has two rules your players will want to learn to stay in the drill longer.
  • Two Ball Simultaneous Drill - Players will work through chaos, communicate and learn focus on what is happening on the other side of the net. Your team will work on time outs during this drill to problem solve so they can win both balls during this drill and gain a point to win the drill.
  • Bounce Drill - Your players will have fun with this drill while learning to pursue every ball all over the gym, play it up and get it back over the net.
  • Dave's Drill - Teach your team ball control, movement and pattern recognition while playing defense. This drill will enable you to hold your players accountable for their specific responsibilities.Servers Verses Passers Drill - This is a timed drill in a competitive setting designed to train players to serve under control, be aggressive and pass to target.
  • Two Ball Wash Drill - Train your team to "focus on the next ball" whether they win or lose the first ball. Repeat Serve-Receive Drill - Help your team work on play sets, terminate on the first attempt, and help attackers become confident when going for the kill.
  • 5-on-7 Drill - This outside blocking drill will teach your players to keep their composure, give 100% while playing defense and to score on offense off of a free ball.
  • The Three "C's" Drill - Teach your team to "Cover, Communicate, Celebrate."
  • Steal the Bacon - A fun drill that works on team defense and coaching emotion to keep your players playing hard and giving total effort.

88 minutes. 2013.

"The best drills are game-like, fun, and condition through play. Coach Pham presents his drills as proof that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Your players will love the high energy and multiple contact focus .. .and as DII National Champions, clearly something is working."
Brian S. Title - High School/Youth Coach

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