Team Lacrosse Drills to Enhance Fitness and Fundamentals

Team Lacrosse Drills to Enhance Fitness and Fundamentals
Team Lacrosse Drills to Enhance Fitness and Fundamentals
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Product Description

  • Learn drills that encourage high energy fitness throughout an entire practice
  • Develop great hand-eye-foot coordination by increasing drill difficulty
  • Learn techniques that maximize shooting skills at free positions
  • Use drills that are designed to increase competitiveness and teamwork

with Kathy Taylor,
LeMoyne College Head Coach;
2018 Division II NCAA National Champions
; former Cortland University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
2x University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) tournament champions;
former Fayetteville-Manlius (N.Y.) High School Head Coach; 2x New York State Class A Champions

In this drill packed DVD Coach Taylor has addressed the time management issue that all coaches face - getting all the fundamental work in while having time to make sure your athletes are properly conditioned. She and her staff demonstrate multiple drills that can energize your practices while stressing the value of individual and team skills and fitness.

Coach Taylor shows you a full practice that progresses from stick work to scrimmaging all while building the conditioning and stamina needed to compete at any level. Coach Taylor walks you through a live practice from start to finish insuring total understanding by the viewer. Initial drills such as the clearing pass, flip and ground ball drills demonstrate to coaches the importance of beginning your practices with an emphasis on stick work and footwork that enhance hand, eye and foot coordination and encourage practice like you play mentality.

Next level drills such as the Star, Triangle and 1v1 drills shows coaches how to:

  • Increase drill difficulty by adding additional balls and players.
  • Encourage "Head on a swivel" mentality.
  • Develops one-on-one dodge and go attacks.
  • Shows players how to avoid "East West" running attack mentality.
  • Teaches defense to take away the dominant hand of attackers.
Coach Taylor concludes her drill sequence by demonstrating The Gauntlet agility drill, the 1v2 shooting drill and the "Duke" drill. These drills challenge both individual players and team members to practically apply their increased skill level in game like situations.

Both players and coaches can benefit from Coach Taylor's drills which can be increased in difficulty to accommodate skill levels.

This is the perfect set of fundamental drills to have in your toolbox for preseason, postseason, or regular season practices.

44 minutes. 2012.

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