Team Drills to Improve Infield Play

Team Drills to Improve  Infield Play
Team Drills to Improve Infield Play
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  • Don't give your opponent extra outs
  • Increase your practice efficiency with offensive and defensive team drills
  • Baseball drills to prepare your team for game-like situations
with Jack Leggett,
Team USA U18 Head Coach;
former Clemson University Head Coach
Distinguished member of the ABCA Hall of Fame (2014);
over 1,300 career wins (ranks 10th all time on the Division I Coaching list)

Coach Jack Leggett demonstrates the baseball drills he uses to improve infield play and practice efficiency in a team or group environment. More than 15 baseball drills are demonstrated including his 30 minute infield drill, the square drill and an excellent drill that combines batting and infield practice. Areas covered include ground balls, bunt offense and defense, game situations such as first and third defense and offense, pitchers fielding practice, tagging, unassisted double plays and much more! This is a great look at the key team drills being taught by one of the outstanding baseball coaches today.

38 minutes. 2003.

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