Team Drills for Defensive Fundamentals

Team Drills for Defensive Fundamentals
Team Drills for Defensive Fundamentals
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Product Description

  • Improve your tackling, block destruction and takeaways using these team defense drills
  • Get the maximum repetitions in a short time frame using the same terminology and techniques for your entire team
  • Get a lot work done in a short amount of time with this defensive circuit
with Dave Doeren,
North Carolina State University Head Coach;
former Northern Illinois University Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator

Improve your defensive fundamentals with this quick team defense circuit.

Dave Doeren takes you through a three-station drill series that reinforces the critical defensive fundamentals — tackling, block destruction, and takeaways. This three station set-up will allow your assistant coaches to work with every member of your defense giving your players maximum repetitions in a short amount of time. This allows all of the players to be coached on the same critical techniques with the same terminology.

In the tackling station, your athletes will learn to take a proper angle to the ball carrier, maintain good balance before the hit, proper footwork to close the gap and the ability to change direction while delivering a proper hit. Coach Doeren takes you through practice footage of the tackle station and explains each clip by taking you through the teaching progressions needed to develop proper tacking techniques. Game footage shows the skills in action.

In the block destruction station, you will see how to defeat and shed the high blocks and cut blocks. Using these drills, your defense will learn how to use their hands to push the blockers away from their body, avoid cut blocks, and recover their angle of pursuit. All of these drills are shown using practice and game footage.

Train your defense to punch or strip the ball and make the recovery. You will learn the proper techniques for both forcing the fumble and making the appropriate recovery.

Within your defensive scheme your players need to know of how to beat a block, make a tackle and get the ball back for the offense. These drills will give you the framework you need to improve your team in all three areas.

50 minutes. 2010.

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