Team Defense Against the Mid and Side Pick and Roll

Team Defense Against the Mid and Side Pick and Roll
Team Defense Against the Mid and Side Pick and Roll
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  • Discover defensive rotations and guarding techniques you can use to defense the side or mid pick and roll
  • Learn a side pick and roll defensive series you can use to trap or contain your opponent on the sideline
  • Learn a mid pick and roll defensive series that will force your opponent to use their weak hand - and then trap them!
with Chad Iske, Denver Nuggets (NBA) Assistant Coach;
finished 2011-12 season in the top 10 in the NBA in forcing turnovers

In today's game, almost every team utilizes on-ball screens to a certain degree and the key stopping them is to have a distinct approach to limit your opponent's scoring options.

NBA assistant coach Chad Iske uses this on-court demonstration to teach the ins-and-outs of how the Denver Nuggets defend pick and roll situations. Coach Iske details how to defend the mid pick and roll and the side pick and roll not only from a 1-on-1, or 2-on-2 perspective, but also from a 5-on-5 team scenario.

The Denver Nuggets' defense is built to keep the ball away from the middle of the floor - the most dangerous scoring area on the court. Coach Iske covers everything from angles and communication of the two defenders directly involved at the ball, to the proper rotations, tagging, and stunting by the weak side defenders.

Early and clear communication between all players on the court and quick movements are the keys to success. With this DVD you will learn how to force your opponents' pick and roll to go sideline. Forcing the ball handler to the side takes away court space and many of the options in their play.

Want to be extra aggressive? Iske shows you how and where to double-team the ball handler and rotate your weak side for both mid and side pick and roll.

In addition, this fantastic DVD also includes a short Q&A with the live audience and several side out of bounds plays for your offense. Coach Iske provides plays for a shooter, end of game situation, box set up looking for a post player, and isolation out off of the side out of bounds play.

49 minutes. 2013.

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