Team Building Activities for Cheerleaders

Team Building Activities for Cheerleaders
Team Building Activities for Cheerleaders
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Product Description

  • Develop respect and understanding amongst your athletes
  • Learn affirmation activities that address the positives of both the group and individuals
  • Watch live demonstrations of each activity for easy implementation
  • Can use with cheer teams, dance teams or any teams!
by Sarah Buss,
Ames (IA) High School Fall/Competition Cheer Coach and Dance Team Coach

Team unity and cohesiveness are essential to a successful cheerleading team. In this presentation, Coach Sarah Buss presents 11 team building activities that will help your team develop respect, understanding, unity and a sense of caring for each other. A few examples include:

  • Creative and fun activities for lightening the mood of an intense practice by getting silly!
  • Group problem solving activities that offer challenges to small groups to resolve.
  • Accountability activities that rewards listening and teamwork.
  • Team identity activities that let the team define attributes of a successful team and identify behavioral expectations that reflect these attributes.
  • Trust building and confidence building activities that are designed to let team members get to know and better understand the "individual."

Buss presents the goals and objectives for each activity along with a live demonstration of how to implement each activity. What makes this presentation so invaluable is that Buss shares the nuances of what to expect from each activity. She also includes creative variations within the activities will assist you in addressing team unity challenges that you might be facing.

Unify your team this season by using these techniques to build respect and understanding!

35 minutes. 2010.

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