Teaching the Game: Pitching Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball

Teaching the Game: Pitching Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball
Teaching the Game: Pitching Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball
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  • Get three simple strategies for teaching young pitchers throw strikes
  • Learn how a pitcher can generate more power - and protect his arm - using the natural movements of the body
  • Learn how to coach pitchers who struggle to throw strikes
  • Discover a drill to help young pitchers take command of the outer half of the plate
with Marc Rardin, Iowa Western Community College Head Coach;
2014 NJCAA Division I National Champions, three championships in five years (2010-14);
3x NJCAA D-I World Series National Champion / 8x World Series Participant;
2010 and 2012 National Coach of the Year; averaged 46 wins over 10 seasons as head coach

Pitching, like other aspects of baseball, is done best when it's simplified. Three-time NJCAA National Champion Marc Rardin breaks down the youth pitcher's windup in this presentation that focuses on his three keys to good baseball: balance, timing and direction.

Coach Rardin's philosophy is if you're throwing strikes, the other team has to put the ball into play. The way for pitchers to throw more strikes is by building a consistent motion. Coach Rardin shares multiple drills that emphasize staying "connected" and generating power through the natural movement of the body. Watch as he demonstrates these simple actions and learn how to help your pitcher throw with added control.

In "Power Position," Coach Rardin explains the proper position for the pitching elbow by comparing it to arm wrestling. People don't arm wrestle with their elbows extended. Instead, they keep their arm at 90-degree angle because it is the natural position for the body to generate the most power. This is the type of simple, easy-to-grasp example that makes Coach Rardin's drills so effective, memorable, easy to learn and easy to execute.

Coach Rardin's pitching drills will help pitchers of all ages get back to the basics and throw more strikes. This is a great presentation for anyone who coaches youth baseball.

70 minutes. 2014.

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