Teaching the Game: Game Situations and Drills for Youth Baseball

Teaching the Game: Game Situations and Drills for Youth Baseball
Teaching the Game: Game Situations and Drills for Youth Baseball
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  • Discover strategies for teaching and learning the game of baseball using situational drills
  • Learn how to speed up or slow down practice based on the success rate of your players
  • Learn how to limit the amount of time players spend standing around, while maximizing their meaningful reps
with Marc Rardin, Iowa Western Community College Head Coach;
2014 NJCAA Division I National Champions, three championships in five years (2010-14);
3x NJCAA D-I World Series National Champion / 8x World Series Participant;
2010 and 2012 National Coach of the Year; averaged 46 wins over 10 seasons as head coach

In this collection of drills from Iowa Western Head Coach Marc Rardin, you'll learn to train your players to become better hitters and fielders

Coach Rardin shares drills to help you read the pitcher while you have a leadoff on first base. Youll also learn how to make reads on balls hit to the shortstop when you're the base runner on second. Finally, you'll get various drills that give players reps at the plate while the rest get game-like experience in the field.

In the "Total Team Relay Drill," your players learn all aspects of the game. Create scenarios with runners on certain bases and teach your players what to do if a ball is hit to the outfield. Coach Rardin provides an example of a ground ball hit to the outfield with a runner on second. The outfielder uses good fundamentals by fielding through the ball and hitting the cutoff man on the way to home plate.

Coach Rardin's emphasis on fundamentals and teaching players all aspects of the game are key reasons his teams are so successful. His offensive and defensive drills reflect those values and are a valuable asset to any coach's library.

65 minutes. 2014.

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