Teaching and Installing the ThunderWolf Passing Game

Teaching and Installing the ThunderWolf Passing Game
Teaching and Installing the ThunderWolf Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Design a drop back passing scheme that remains simple in multiple formations
  • Increase your completion rate using a "closed" secondary read or an "open" secondary read
  • Install play action, quick, and drop back passing game protections for both odd and even fronts
  • Learn how to use video game technology to help your team learn passing game concepts through countless "mental reps"
with Daren Wilkinson,
CSU-Pueblo Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, 2014 NCAA D-II National Champions

Offensive Coordinator Darren Wilkinson has created a detailed, yet simple-to-teach passing game system as a part of his offense at Colorado State University-Pueblo. In addition to providing a walk through of a play action, quick, and drop back passing play and their protections, Coach Wilkinson demonstrates how he uses video game technology to teach skill players the various elements of his offense.

Coach Wilkinson provides a detailed explanation of three key plays in the ThunderWolf passing attack:

  • Saturn — a high percentage play action passing play that's good against any coverage
  • Stick — a quick passing game play that will flood the playside and give your quarterback an easy read to key
  • Packer — a drop back passing play that can explode for huge yardage regardless of the coverage
Coach Wilkinson covers each play, position-by-position, including the wide receivers, running backs, and quarterbacks and how they're taught to run each play.

He coaches a "closed" and "open" read for the quarterback that enhances decision making and results in a higher completion rate. Wilkerson shows how his players have learned to "shave" the speed out so defenders can't undercut the route for an easy interception.

Also included is a separate explanation on pass protections for each of the plays. Wilkerson covers the intricacies of each protection against both odd and even fronts and how the protection fits the route package.

With the use of a Playstation, CoachWilkerson demonstrates how he uses video game technology to instill his formations and pass plays. He shows how he uses this technology to quiz his quarterbacks in their position meetings and how each one gets an incredible number of "mental reps" by simply playing a game.

Wilkinson is an experienced coach who is a master teacher when it comes to the offensive passing game. His explanations and creative use of technology will surely help any offensive coordinator better develop faster-thinking, smarter football players.

66 minutes. 2013.

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