Teaching and Coaching Glide and Rotational Shot Put

Teaching and Coaching Glide and Rotational Shot Put
Teaching and Coaching Glide and Rotational Shot Put
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Product Description

Learn the drills and skills necessary for training championship throwers
  • Get 23 drills designed to progress throwers from the starting position to the full throw
  • Discover the proper way to "snap" the wrist for added velocity
  • Learn step-by-step glide and rotational technique drills for throwers with differing athletic abilities
with Jim Garnham,
University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws;
Coach of 2015 NCAA National Champion Jon Jones (shot put);
3x USTFCCCA Northeast Regional Coach of the Year; 30 years as a high school coach, finishing with at least one state champion each year during his final 10 years coaching (1992-2001).

Learn from a coach that has over 45 years experience coaching the shot put at the high school level, collegiate ranks, and on the national scene. Jim Garnham covers everything from grip and carry to pushing aggressively from the back to unleash more powerful throws. With demonstrations from Jon Jones, NCAA Outdoor National Champion in the shot put, Coach Garnham, breaks down the major aspects of the event. He provides drills, instructions and personal insights on the importance of each segment of the throw.

Carry and Strike

You will learn the importance of proper carry position and discover progressive drills for striking the shot put that can be used as introductory practices for beginners, as well as a warm up review for your advanced athletes. Exercises progress from simple warm up activities through more complex actions to allow the thrower to isolate the basics before rehearsing the skill as part of the larger movement.

Improving the Block

Taking advantage of the stretch shortening/reflex cycle is one of the most effective ways to increase power in the shot put. Coach Garnham explains the benefits of blocking the left side of the body (for right handed throwers), to increase the momentum of the opposite side. He then provides a blocking drill and gives various coaching cues to help you communicate effectively with your athlete while rehearsing the skill.

Teaching the Basic Concepts of the Full Glide and Spin Technique

Not all athletes are built the same. By being able to teach the various concepts of both glide and spin technique, you'll feel confident selecting and teaching either technique to your athlete. This will enable you to take full advantage of each athlete's unique skill set to maximize their performance in the ring.

Strength Training

Coach Garnham shows you how to use a variety of implements to build strong and fast throwers. You'll see how to incorporate a bucket full of sand or rice to build strength in your athlete's fingers.

This is a great video for the beginning and intermediate thrower. Coach Garnham's drills and techniques will have an immediate impact on the distance of your athletes' throws.

59 minutes. 2016.

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