Tara VanDerVeer: Disguising Your Quick Hitters for Man and Zone

Tara VanDerVeer: Disguising Your Quick Hitters for Man and Zone
Tara VanDerVeer: Disguising Your Quick Hitters for Man and Zone
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Product Description

  • Get 48 quick hitting sets
  • Learn plays that allow you to isolate your best player
  • Keep the defense guessing by running counters and disguises to your plays
  • Create overloads to confuse any zone defense
  • Tara VanDerveer: Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, Over 750 career wins
with Tara VanDerveer, Stanford University Head Women's Coach;
1035+ wins (currently the #1 active women's coach in wins, currently #2 All-time in wins);
2x NCAA Championship Coach;
7x National Coach of the Year awards;
10x Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2010 NCAA National Runners-up;
1996 US Women's Olympic Team Head Coach (Gold Medal);
distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2011) ;
John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2014);
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2002);
Women's Sports Foundation International Women's Sports Hall of Fame (1998);
WBCA's Carol Eckman Award (2018)

Which go-to plays do you turn to when the game is on the line and you need a quick basket from your best player?

In this comprehensive instructional DVD from Championsip Productions, Women's Basketball Hall of Famer Tara VanDerveer shows you her favorite quick hitter plays for creating easy baskets.

Get lay ups in less than three passes using three quick entries from the 1-4 High Post set up. From these three entries, VanDerveer adds 10 different twists that provide counters to keep defenses from cheating your plays. Keep the defense guessing by running these plays out of a stack or box set. Your team can confuse the defense without having to learn new plays.

Facing a zone? VanDerveer shares four quick sets out of a single guard start that all can be run out of a stack set. In an attempt to confuse the zone and create overloads, VanDerveer shows a play that is run with two guards and a triple stack that instantly creates match-up problems for the zone.

Overall, you get 48 sets and counters that will allow you to make quick scores on your opponent and keep them guessing every time!

73 minutes. 2010.

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