Takedowns: Head Outside/Head Inside Finishes

Takedowns: Head Outside/Head Inside Finishes
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Learn a complete system for finishing single leg attacks!

  • Develop the ability to transition into a variety of finishes after your opponent defends the shot
  • Master an uppercut and sweep that is nearly impossible to stop
  • Teach your wrestlers how to score once they split the middle and the opponent locks around the body

with Steve Costanzo,
St. Cloud State University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA DII National Champions - third title in four years, including back-to-back National Championships (2016-17);
2018 NWCA DII National Duals Champions;
2016 NCAA DII Coach of the Year;
2018 Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Champions - winners of seven straight conference titles (2012-18) and 11 overall; 5x NSIC Coach of the Year; former Dana College Head Coach - 2016 NAIA National Champions

Steve Costanzo has turned St. Cloud State into a NCAA D-II wrestling powerhouse. Under Coach Costanzo, the Huskies have won back-to-back NCAA Division II titles (2016-17). Through the 2017 season, St. Cloud has won six straight Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Championships (and 10 overall under Costanzo) and have not lost a conference dual meet since 2011. Coach Costanzo, two-time National D-II Coach of the Year, has coached seven National Champions and 76 All-Americans. He also served as head coach at Dana College, where he led his squad to the 2006 NAIA National Title and was awarded the NAIA Coach of the Year.

Many wrestlers at all levels are successful at getting to the legs, but struggle with finishing, either wasting energy being stalemated, or being scored on with counter offense. Frequently, these wrestlers have a finish or two they feel comfortable with, but don't have a systematic approach to dealing with the variety of defenses that opponents can use against them.

Two-time National Coach of the Year Steve Constanzo shows a complete system for finishing the single leg attack. Along with his assistant, Division II All-American Jay Hildreth, Costanzo demonstrates the fundamental positioning to finish the single leg and high crotch off your opponent's reaction on your feet and on the mat. They also demonstrate how to finish from various problem positions that wrestlers may encounter from their takedown attempts.

Single Leg Finishes (Head on the Inside)

  • The single leg is the most common and high-percentage finish at every level of wrestling, from the youth level to the World Championships and Olympics. Many athletes, however, struggle with finishing. Constanzo delves into his complete system of finishing from the feet, on the mat, and splitting the legs.

    Learn the "nuts and bolts" of the single leg by understanding the proper positioning. Costanzo demonstrates four main finishes from your feet:

  • Leg Sweep - A "go to" front side trip to secure a takedown.
  • Knee Smash to Backside Double - A great transition if you are unable to execute a leg sweep.
  • Uppercut to Trip - Great option to finish a takedown against flexible opponents.
  • Barzegar Technique - An explosive way to finish the single quickly, get your opponent off balance, and take them straight to their back.
  • Train your wrestlers to use their defensive position as an advantage to finish their takedown. You'll learn different single leg finishes from the mat. Coach Costanzo breaks down each technique, emphasizing key points so that the techniques are easy to learn.

    • Tug of War Position: Great way to defeat an opponent's whizzer attempt and to finish a takedown.
    • Knee Slide: Beat an opponent with heavy hips by getting underneath them into a better position.

    You'll also learn a variety of ways to look for falls after finishing the takedowns, such as a turk.

    Beating the Key Lock or Shin Whizzer

    One position that frustrates even the most experience athletes is the key lock, shin whizzer or hip lock position, as it isolates the leg and prevents the other wrestler from getting an angle to finish the single leg. Constanzo shows two distinct finishes to finish the single leg on the mat. These techniques are a must for wrestlers who are getting stuck in this position!

    High Crotch Finishes (Head on the Outside)

    Coach Jay Hil

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