Takedowns and Turns

Takedowns and Turns
Takedowns and Turns
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Product Description

  • Shut your opponent's offense down with the 2-on-1 tie
  • Become proficient at setting up, finishing and countering the low single leg takedown
  • Make use of the 2-on-1 for a variety of lower and upper body scoring attacks
  • Turn your opponent with the tight waist tilt - some of the easiest points in folkstyle wrestling
with Joe LeBlanc, Brown University Assistant Coach;
former Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at University of Wyoming

Learn the signature moves of four-time All American Joe LeBlanc! In this DVD, Coach LeBlanc focuses on scoring techniques from four areas: The 2-on-1 tie, the front headlock position on the mat, the tight waist tilt, and the low single leg takedown (including the defense to the low single and the defense to the defense of the low single).

Utilizing the techniques in this video will allow your wrestlers to:

  • Neutralize their opponents' attacks with the 2-on-1 tie, while increasing their own potential attacks
  • Become proficient at scoring "easy" points from the top position
  • Become a better scrambler from the low single leg position
2-on-1 Tie
The 2-on-1 series will limit offense for opponents while opening up options for the offensive wrestler. The 2-on-1 series starts with clearing a collar tie to get into the 2-on-1 tie. Coach Leblanc shows you the preferred hand positions and body position of the tie, the basic footwork for most takedowns from this tie, and the specific takedown finishes. In all, he shows 12 different takedowns from the 2-on-1. He includes a fireman's carry series out of the 2-on-1 with three different finishes depending on how your opponent reacts.

Front Headlock
The series then shifts to getting into the front headlock position from a 2-on-1 tie. Several scoring options are covered from the front headlock position. These finishes include the offside cradle, knee tap, low singles, shuck, go-behinds, ankle picks and an inside trip.

Tight Waist Tilt
While it is not designed to pin, the tight waist tilt can be used to earn quick back points, even against tough bottom wrestlers. The tight waist tilt was Coach Leblanc's favorite tilt (and "the easiest way to score points in college"). Leblanc teaches the finer points of this successful tilt, including how to get the best possible hand positions, how to tilt your opponent from a break down, when he/she sits out, stands up, and is flat on their belly, and how to stay in good position after the tilt.

Low Single
Finally, Coach Leblanc goes back to the low single position and describes how to set it up from your feet. He then shows several finishes when in the low single leg position, counters to the position, and then counters to the counter. His unique low single defense works against most common finishes, resulting in easy points for your wrestler, especially in a scramble situation from their feet.This is a great video for intermediate to advanced wrestlers. It shows multiple techniques that can work in the high school and collegiate levels. Using these moves from Coach Leblanc will allow wrestlers to put up lots of points and become more successful wrestlers.

65 minutes. 2013.

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