Tackling Fundamentals & Drills for Defensive Backs

Tackling Fundamentals & Drills for Defensive Backs
Tackling Fundamentals & Drills for Defensive Backs
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Product Description

  • Stop the big play by making solid tackles
  • Learn to make tackles in space to stop wide open offenses
  • Create more turnovers and reduce cutback angles with great team pursuit
with Chris Ash,
Rutgers University Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach;
2010 Big Ten Co-champions

Limit big plays and missed tackles by improving your tackling fundamentals.

Coach Ash's five-part instruction focuses on the basics of being a great tackler: Eyes on the target, coming to balance, "shimmy" the feet, holster the hands, and club and wrap up.

Ash provides a detailed explanation of each of these areas and supports the teaching of these elements with drill footage. He shares over 15 drills to work on:

  • Open field tackling
  • Angle tackling
  • Sideline tackling
  • 2-on-1 tackling

These drills include objectives, cue words, and coaching points to maximize the benefit to you and your team.

The most important ingredient to being a great tackling team is having relentless team pursuit on every play. Great pursuit results in less space for the ball carrier to make cuts and it leads to more turnovers, as most of the balls recovered come from the player pursuing the play.

Ash takes you through his team pursuit drill for the run and pass that will create good pursuit angles, will prevent long runs and help keep your opponent off the scoreboard. This drill can also be used to set up blocking when there is a return on a turnover.

Tackling is an important ingredient to every defense and can be the key to winning and losing games. This DVD will give you the necessary fundamentals to teach proper tackling but also an array of drills to incorporate into your team defensive system.

45 minutes. 2010.

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