Swing Blocking: Attacking the Attacker

Swing Blocking: Attacking the Attacker
Swing Blocking: Attacking the Attacker
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Product Description

  • Teach swing blocking footwork that minimizes blocker floating
  • Learn the load and ready position that will help blockers stay balanced and intimidate hitters
  • Discover eye sequencing techniques that will allow your blockers to attack opposing hitters and get more stuffs
  • Learn the three key elements of swing blocking and how to break them down for your athletes
  • Increase your quality touches at the net
with Nabil Mardini,
Pierce College Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 California state champions;
AVCA 2010 National 2-Year College Coach of the Year;
Co-Founder and Club Director of Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA)

Teach your blockers to attack the offense!

In this 2011 AVCA convention presentation, Nabil Mardini thoroughly breaks down the mechanics and timing of swing blocking from the ground up, using on-court players as models.

Beginning with footwork, Coach Mardini explains ideal foot and body positioning during the push and crossover steps, while detailing how to read the path of the attacker. Mardini then covers proper hand and elbow positioning during the base, armswing and press phases of the block. Mardini points out common reasons that blockers "float" or get "tooled," and how to address them.

Bringing passers and setters to the court, Mardini explains how to adjust blocking technique based on the pass, and gives a tempo-based eye sequence that will help your players get to the block balanced and on time. Mardini wraps up the instruction by taking the players through three blocking drills and provides insight into how you can make your drills game-like.

Coach Mardini's thorough explanation of the swing blocking technique will help your blockers to be more aggressive to the ball, get more height and penetration, and increase their number of quality touches at the net!

57 minutes. 2012.

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