Swimming Faster The Auburn Way: Training & Race Strategies Series

Swimming Faster The Auburn Way: Training & Race Strategies Series
Swimming Faster The Auburn Way: Training & Race Strategies Series
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Product Description

  • Look inside David Marsh's sprint system
  • The complete guide to training distance swimmers
  • Take the guesswork our of backstroke training
  • See proven training guides and race strategies for short axis strokes; fly and breast
  • Train to swim a faster IM
with David Marsh,
Head Coach, SwimMAC Carolina (3 consecutive USA Swimming Club Excellence Championships);
2016 USA Women's Olympic Team Head Coach,
12x NCAA Championship and 8x NCAA Coach of the Year (Auburn),
3x USA Men's Olympic Team Assistant ('12, 00, '96); has coached 49 Olympians from 19 different countries

Perhaps a more appropriate title for this particular video is "Auburn Sprint Secrets Revealed!" This instructional DVD offers a candid look at virtually every aspect of the Auburn Sprinting Program. In Part 1, David Marsh lays out a seasonal plan for his sprint program. Details of the plan include both in the pool training, dryland, and weights and a look at a typical training weekly plan. As in all of the sections of this DVD, you will witness Coach Marsh's unique understanding of the nuances of the sprinter themselves and you will also see how Marsh capitalizes upon those nuances by building them into his program. In Part 2: Marsh shares how he would implement his sprint program into a training plan for a 12-14 week high school season. In Part 3, "Training Toys", Marsh shares the equipment he likes to utilize in training his sprinters. Part 4 is truly a unique segment of this video — Marsh begins this segment with the basics of power rack training. Then, Marsh's unique creativity takes you through several competitive games he has created to train essential race components including finish drills, turn competitions, three person drag races, tag games, and more! This unique look into "sprint training the Auburn way" will most certainly assist a coach in creating faster swimmers.

55 minutes. 2004.

with Ralph Crocker, former Auburn Assistant Coach;
distance specialist, former Pine Crest School and Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club Head Coach

Coach Ralph Crocker has experienced success at every level of the sport! As an assistant at Auburn, Coach Crocker has extensive experience working with all groups, but primarily the distance group, or as they fondly call it, "Ralph's House of Pain". In this instructional DVD, Crocker shares the training and race strategies for the 400 and up. In the training portion of the presentation, Crocker begins with "Distance Training Basics" that reflect his overall success and experience that he incorporates into training his Auburn training group. He also shares a season-long training plan and strategy that includes strategies for a shorter high school season, weekly training plans, and workout construction. Crocker also devotes a segment to pre-meet warm up discussing the importance of the pre-meet warm up, structuring a proper meet warm-up along with specific examples. Sharing Coach Marsh's affinity for "training toys", Crocker shares the training toys he specifically uses for his distance swimmers. In the final segment of the video, Crocker shares race strategies for distance events.

52 minutes. 2004.

with Kim Brackin,
University of Texas Head Women's Swimming Coach;
former Auburn University associate head coach

Kim Brackin begins this video by sharing the five phases of a season she uses with her backstrokers. Throughout the training phases, Brackin relates how a shorter high school season would fit into the seasonal plan she shares.

  • Phase 1: Aerobic Phase. Focus areas include a dryland circuit out of the water and in the water and aerobic swimming incorporating technique work.
  • Phase 2: Aerobic Overload, focuses on increasing the aerobic intensity and bringing in an emphasis on racing tempo.
  • Phase 3: Quality Training, Brackin transitions her backstrokers into more quality work and adds a focus to race intensity training. Brackin also touches on gender differences in the training phases.
  • Phase 4 brings in a lot of quality work with more race-specific focus. Also, race-specific skills are fine-tuned in this phase in preparation for ...

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