Swen Nater: Learning the John Wooden/UCLA Offense

Swen Nater: Learning the John Wooden/UCLA Offense
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Discover the UCLA offense and many of the secrets behinds its success!

  • Score through the primary options in the UCLA offense to put your players into structured situations that will help them succeed on offense
  • Utilize proper spacing to maintain rebounding balance and get second chance opportunities to score
  • Run multiple quick-hitters in the UCLA offense to enhance your offensive attack

with Swen Nater,
2x NCAA Champion playing on John Wooden's UCLA teams ('72-'73);
ABA Rookie of the Year ('74); 2x ABA All-Star;
1980 NBA rebounding leader - only player to have led both the NBA and ABA in rebounding;
only college player in history to be drafted in the first round of the ABA/NBA draft without ever having started a college game!

John Wooden is one of the most revered coaches in the history of the game. His accomplishments as head coach of UCLA are, simply put, legendary. The UCLA high post offense formed the bedrock of what Coach Wooden did on offense through record-setting win streaks and an accumulation of national championships.

In this video, Swen Nater shows you how the principles of this classic offense can still be used in today's modern game. This offense will take advantage of great spacing and playing through structure to put players in the best possible situation to capitalize on their talents. You'll learn how to continuously apply pressure on the defense with quick reversals, backdoor opportunities, double screens, hand-offs and more.

Keys to an Effective Offense

Nater lays out the 10 principles that create many scoring options and give offensive players freedom to make plays. Passing, balance and penetration are just three of these keys. Throughout the presentation, Nater revisits these 10 concepts to show you how UCLA would use each within their offense.

UCLA Offense

You'll first see how you can enter the offense against tough defensive pressure with a weak side flash from the opposite wing. A number of options out of this initial action are demonstrated, including scoring opportunities created off of back doors, hand-offs, post feeds, and running off a double screen.

Nater shares how you can create simultaneous action on both sides of the floor to occupy help defenders. Additionally, three different options for feeding the post out of this play are demonstrated. One of the most well-known options in this offense is shown, as Nater demonstrates the UCLA cut. See how this main action can turn into four different scoring options based on where the ball is moved.

Rebounding and Defensive Balance

One of the advantages to the UCLA offense is it also strains the defense through court spacing. Nater discusses how your players can find rebounding balance by creating a triangle at the rim. You will also learn how shooters can get second chance opportunities by hunting for long rebounds. This strategy for ending all of your offensive possessions will allow your team to get back in transition defense or easily snap into a full court press.

Specials in the UCLA Offense

To complement the basic options, you'll learn seven special plays and concepts to enhance the UCLA offense. These plays are tried and should be trusted as they helped UCLA win championships consistently.

  • Learn how to play through the options of the side post game, as well as ways you can free up post players by "popping the stack" on double screens.
  • Set up the defense with decoy cuts, to free up your best shooter coming off the double screen in "Kentucky."
  • Two sets show you how to utilize a wing hand-off to set up a lob or run a shooter off a pin down screen.
  • See two ways that you can initiate high/low plays to take advantage of your post players.

Wooden Wisdom

In addition to learning about Coach Wooden's offense, you'll have an opportunity to gain insight about the coaching practices of the legend himself. Nater shares many lessons he learned from his time spent with Coach Wooden. These gems cover how to communicate effectively and efficiently with your players in practice and in games. You'll hear concepts for making quick corrections in practice, allowing players to experiment as they play, how to correct players when they make mistakes, and many

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