Successful Program Development and Mental Training for the Quarterback

Successful Program Development and Mental Training for the Quarterback
Successful Program Development and Mental Training for the Quarterback
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  • Teach your quarterbacks to develop an "every play" thought process to better understand and defeat defensive tendencies
  • Learn how to define pre-snap read requirements so your quarterbacks can make fast and efficient decisions
  • Learn how to develop primary and secondary post-snap plans that allow your quarterback to consistently respond to defensive adjustments
  • Develop a better understanding of the college recruiting process and the desired characteristics of a potential scholarship-athlete
with Bill Blankenship, University of Memphis Offensive Analyst;
former University of Tulsa Head Coach;
2012 Conference USA Coach of the Year; 2012 Conference USA Champions

Bill Blankenship has been a top developer of talent for many years. He reflects on his 20+ years of coaching experience as he takes you through an in-depth look at how to establish a great football program and develop your quarterback play.

Building a Successful Program
Discover the essential pieces needed to build a successful program based on your core values. Coach Blankenship shares the overriding themes of his program and what he emphasizes. In addition, he shows you how to determine the type of player that will fit best into your program and shows how players who don't fit that mold can strive to attain it.

Mental Training for the Quarterback
Having played quarterback and coached quarterbacks at the high school and college level, Coach Blankenship knows what it takes to develop a quarterback. He begins by describing his process for creating mentally tough quarterbacks.

Learn an "every play" process that will put the quarterback in position for success, including pre-snap reads, post-snap reads and visual cues that will help the him determine the intentions of the defense. By successfully reading the safeties, corners and linebackers, the quarterback will increase his odds of success.

Blankenship also explains how to assess each position group on the defensive side of the ball so man and zone coverage can be easily identified. His experience and proven track record show that his process is successful.

Taking a quarterback from clipboard jockey to battle tested game hero can be a daunting task. Oftentimes, the game plays at warp speed and all the film study in the world is not enough to slow the game to a manageable level. Coach Blankenship provides insight into how a coach can develop visual cues for the quarterback to make a smooth transition into a competent field general.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coaches Clinic.

47 minutes. 2015.

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