Successful Hitting Drills and Technique Progressions

Successful Hitting Drills and Technique Progressions
Successful Hitting Drills and Technique Progressions
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Discover simple progressions for creating a repeatable swing

  • Get 15 hitting drills for an endless number of practice options
  • Teach your players to change their hitting mentality depending on the count
  • Provide your bunters with a simple system for getting on base or moving runners

with Randy Simkins,
Dixie State University Head Coach;
2014 and 2015 PACWest Coach of The Year, 2015 D-II WCWS runner up, 2014 D-II Third Place; over 300 wins in seven years as head coach (through 2015)

The key to training successful hitters is the development of solid, repeatable swing mechanics and translating these into game play. Randy Simkins takes you through a simple and teachable demonstration of the swing.

Coach Simkins demonstrates the mechanics a hitter needs to be successful. He also includes tee, cage, and live pitching drills that fill out a complete development plan that will take your players' game to the next level.

Swing Mechanics

While every hitter is different, Coach Simkins uses an easy-to-understand approach to swing mechanics. He simplifies the swing into five basic parts and explains how the hitter should look and what they should feel at each phase of the swing.

  • Set-up, stance and grip to maximize flexibility and bat speed of the swing.
  • Weight transfer and movement of the lower half (including acceptable variations) to generate power.
  • Swing pattern and flow to stay on plane and maximize contact, which will allow players to hit the ball to all areas of the field.

Tee Drills

Coach Simkins introduces six of his favorite tee drills drills tailored to develop core swing mechanics and proper form. One in particular - the Yes, Yes, Yes Drill - helps combine proper hitting approach with mechanics. The batter stands a few steps back off the tee and gradually walks up to tee and hits, verbalizing ‘yes' on each step. This helps remind the hitter of the aggressive "yes, yes, yes" approach which encourages them to swing at every pitch until something about the pitch dictates that they should not swing.

Front Toss Drills and Live Batting Practice

Drills advance through a structured sequence of five front toss drills, simulating different counts on the batter. Also, your players will learn to wait on off-speed pitches with a bounce toss drill.

Finally, advance your hitters from front toss to live hitting drills that move the batter into a game-like situation, working the skills in combination with game situational hitting.


In addition to the swing, Coach Simkins also breaks down the bunt to help your players become well-rounded at the plate. He explains the mechanics of a sacrifice bunt and has one of his players demonstrate the key elements of this skill. Afterward, he has his players practice sacrifice bunting off of front toss and live pitching, emphasizing mechanics and getting a strike to bunt.

Build An Efficient Pre-Game Warm Up

Have your team ready to hit at the first pitch with Coach Simkin's pre-game warm-up. You'll learn how to prepare your batters to think in game situations while also helping them focus on their defensive plays.

Coach Simkins system will help beginning and intermediate level coaches improve their hitters. From the mechanics of hitting, to hitting approach and to bunting, Coach Simkins will show you how to improve your offense immediately.

45 minutes. 2016.

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