Stretching, Jumping, and Landing

Stretching, Jumping,  and Landing
Stretching, Jumping, and Landing
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Product Description

  • Increase your jumping ability
  • Decrease incidence of injury through specific take off and landing drills
  • Improve your conditioning
with John Cook,
University of Nebraska Head Volleyball Coach; 2017 NCAA National Champions!
2018 NCAA National Championship Runner-up;
2x AVCA National Coach of the Year (2005, 2000); 4x National Championship Coach (2017, 2015, 2006, 2000); 2005 National Runner-up; USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coach Award (2008); 3x Big 12 Coach of the Year

John Cook's presentation features core stretches for functional posture, a series of landing exercises to teach proper landing and help prevent ACL injuries, and an advanced jumping and landing plyometric workout utilizing hitting and blocking movements.

40 minutes. 2001.

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