Strength Training for Women's Lacrosse

Strength Training for Women's Lacrosse
Strength Training for Women's Lacrosse
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Product Description

  • Get exercises to strengthen the hips, shoulders, abs and core
  • Learn pre-hab shoulder exercises to reduce injury and build strength
  • See a fast-paced circuit workout to mix up your training routine
with Veronica Dyer, Syracuse University Strength & Conditioning Olympic Sports Director;
member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist

Put stronger, more confident athletes on the field this season!

Veronica Dyer breaks down, explains and demonstrates over 50 strength exercises that can be used by lacrosse athletes at all levels of play.

Dyer begins by taking the athletes through more than 15 active stretching and warm-up exercises.

Improve mobility, core strength and stability with a 10+ exercise hip workout. These exercises will help maintain balance and stability, which will help your players move quicker and easier on the lacrosse field. In addition, you will see a 15-exercise, fast-paced circuit workout you can use to mix up the training routine.

Since lacrosse is a "throwing" sport, Dyer shows seven exercises to keep the shoulder complex mobile and flexible, to build strength, and to decrease injury.

Moving into the weight training component, Dyer shows more than 40 exercises that focus on the dead lift, bench press, squats, biceps and grip strength areas.

Use Dyer's instruction as a blueprint to build quicker, stronger lacrosse players.

56 minutes. 2011.

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