Strength Training for Soccer

Strength Training for Soccer
Strength Training for Soccer
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with Ralf Meier, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Sport & Fitness

One false step and a grimace of pain gives the game away. Muscle tears, tendon and joint injuries belong to soccer like studs to soccer shoes. Many of these injuries are preventable, in particular by better preparation of the leg muscles. A soccer player's muscles must be strong enough to withstand a game that includes short sprints, sudden stops and scissor movements, which push the knees and surrounding areas to the limit. Functional strength training prepares the muscles specifically for these demands. Match-fit muscles not only make you a better player, they are also the best way of protecting tendons and joints.

Strength Training for Soccer shows exercises to train the soccer player's most important muscles presented in an easily understandable form. There are also exercises to improve flexibility and joint mobility.126 pages. 2007.

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