Strength Training for Distance Runners

Strength Training for Distance Runners
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Design a strength and conditioning program with endurance athletes in mind!

  • Implement a year-long program for long and middle distance runners that focuses on quality of movement
  • Get plyometric drills that utilize a box and rubber bands to improve hip strength and stability
  • Incorporate a series of hip, knee, and ankle exercises to boost overall power and ground contact forces

with Jake Moore;
DPT; APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor;
Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified,
Physical Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gilbert (IA) High School;
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Strength training plays an important role in running economy, anaerobic power, and race times. Numerous studies have shown that strength training develops power that leads to running faster.

Jake Moore has developed a strength training program that helps athletes run faster, decreases injury risk, and allows for quicker recovery from workouts. This allows the athlete to train at a high level daily with less fatigue. Moore's training program challenges athletes to hold proper technique and body posture longer to enhance strength and power at max speed.

Core and Lateral Hip Stability

Coach Moore begins by explaining why it's necessary for distance athletes to train for strength and explosiveness. Moore, along with athlete demonstrations, present his preferred core and lateral hip stability routine. Each exercise is demonstrated with proper technique as explanation of coaching points and athlete cues are given. Additionally, bounding and low impact plyometric exercises are demonstrated that help develop power, which correlates to faster running times.

Strength Training Lifts and Flexibility Program

Next, Moore covers several traditional lifts that he uses with his athletes in the weight room. Many of these exercises involve the athlete training the extension of the posterior chain, which correlates very closely to running speed.

Finally, Moore demonstrates the flexibility program he utilizes with his athletes that helps improve their running performance, addresses any deficiencies in flexibility the athletes may have, and helps aid in injury prevention.

This video from Coach Moore includes numerous drills that can be used to teach movement skills, strength, power, speed, and endurance. These exercises are essential in training athletes to run at a lower percent of max effort in order to run longer and faster. If you're a track or cross country coach, this video is sure to give you an edge over your competition!

"One of the most comprehensive strength and power training videos that I have viewed in a very long time. Coach Moore covers just about all the bases from the importance of strength training, its benefits and how to implement specific protocols to attain better ground contact forces, body alignment and improved track times. He does an outstanding job breaking down body segments and giving specifics on how to improve each of these areas. One of the most overlooked areas are the hips - both flexors and extensors - for any strength protocol and coach; Moore gives very nuanced explanations on how to improve this area using plyometrics and some innovative exercises like the use of a four wheeled scooter. Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice on this video is the fact that strength and power training are a year - round / season long regime that should eventually become a lifelong activity for the athlete once he or she has stopped competitive training. Really enjoyed watching and learning from this video - fast paced and comprehensive. A must for all high school school sports programs." - Customer Review

67 minutes. 2019.

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