Strength & Conditioning for High School Volleyball

Strength & Conditioning for High School Volleyball
Strength & Conditioning for High School Volleyball
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Explore tools for increasing your players' strength, speed and agility

  • Develop a conditioning and agility program to decrease your players' likelihood of injury throughout the season
  • Escalate the athleticism of your athletes while building the confidence in their ability to perform
  • Learn how to run a strength training and conditioning circuit in your gym using limited equipment

with Nancy Dorsey,
St. James Academy (KS) Head Coach;
2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year;
2015 Kansas Class 5A state champions;
nine state titles in eleven years 2008-18 (finished runner up twice);
2x National Champions (2013, 2010);
VBM 2013 High School Team of the Year; American Family Insurance 2013 All-USA Volleyball Coach of the Year;
won 56 straight matches from 2012-13; lost only one set in 2013 (finishing 96-1); over 420 career wins

Every minute of practice is valuable. Using these minutes wisely to build the strength, conditioning, speed and agility of the players is necessary to be a successful team.

Nancy Dorsey, 2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year, creates a straightforward way to plan, teach, and execute speed and agility drills for volleyball. These drills will make your players more coordinated, balanced, explosive, and fast - and with limited space and equipment requirements! Many high school or club volleyball programs have limited space, dollars and equipment. This video gives you creative ways to get great results.

Coach Dorsey uses a combination of 70+ drills to teach agility, balance, coordination, speed, and power. Using players from her high school team - from the freshman level to the varsity level - she takes the time to explain each workout. You'll get in-depth descriptions and examples of what each drill looks like, what good and bad examples are, and how long to do each drill.

Drills for Conditioning, Speed and Agility in the Gym

Learn how to uses the gym to your advantage. Coach Dorsey demonstrates multiple drills that can work an entire team with the use of ladders, hurdles, bands, cones, and their own body weight. Her drills are designed to improve lateral and vertical performance on the court.

Core Workouts

Every skill a volleyball player performs relies on a player's core strength. With a stronger core, athletes can move and react better. Coach Dorsey demonstrates five different sets of core drills. She uses combinations that will allow you to keep the mix of core workouts during practice fresh. The correct form and technique are covered, with examples shown from beginner through the more advanced version of the drills.

Strength Training in the Weight Room

Any team with a weight room available will benefit from this segment of the video. Coach Dorsey demonstrates eight stations with three different exercises per station. In total there are 24 different variations of strength training exercises demonstrated. You'll get a great circuit for any team doing a summer program prior to the fall season.

This is a jam-packed resource for any coach looking for volleyball-specific strength and conditioning ideas. All coaches will find something new to add to their training program. Teams using the information from this video will have an arsenal of strength, conditioning, speed and agility workouts available to improve the athleticism of any player.

97 minutes. 2016.

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