Strategies to be Successful in the Power Run Game

Strategies to be Successful in the Power Run Game
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Learn to coach the power run game featured in many of today's spread offenses!

  • Discover how to use the power run game to complement the zone run game
  • Get key coaching points and adjustments for the battery (the puller and the blocker following the puller) in the power run game
  • Simplify the puller's read when the offense is in the red zone

with Trevor Miller,
University of St. Francis Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
2016 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up (2004-06)

St. Francis is a powerhouse at the NAIA level, having won 178 games in the last 18 seasons. In this video, Trevor Miller outlines a key element in their success - the power & gap scheme, a complement to the zone running game.

Multiple high school programs across the nation have gone to the spread offense; having the ability to be physical has been a problem in the spread and is a reason why so many fail at running it. Miller shows you how to be physical in the run game with the power & gap running game. You will see:

  • How to influence the defensive linemen and use their technique against them.
  • Developing a "battery" in which one person blocks the end man and one leads through the hole.
  • The importance of the double team block at the point of attack and how to execute it.
  • Key adjustments used against every defensive look.

Philosophy of the Power Run Game

Coach Miller explains his philosophy of the power scheme that features gap blocking. He explains how the power play is used mainly as a complement to the inside zone play to combat how defenses will try to take away the cutback of the inside zone. He demonstrates several adjustments to the blocking scheme that can be used against a variety of defensive schemes:

  • Learn the footwork and aiming points for the play-side guard and tackle to both a two- and three-man surface.
  • Learn how Miller makes adjustments to the footwork and aiming points of the play-side blockers if a team plays a slant and angle type defense or if the defenders try to penetrate.
  • Learn how Miller teaches his players to avoid getting picked off by slanting defensive lineman in order to maintain the running lane.

"The Battery" in the Power Scheme

The "battery" includes the person that blocks the end man on the line and the blocker that follows him. Learn how Coach Miller determines which blocker performs which block depending on the style of defense and match-ups presented. Additionally, key coaching points for both players are covered in detail.

  • Learn how to coach the kickout and log blocks in combinations according to how the defense reacts including: "kick, kick," "log, log," and "kick, log."
  • Learn how to adjust the blocking scheme to account for blitzing linebackers by making the play-side tackle part of the battery.
  • Learn how Miller uses various formations and motion to slow a fast reacting defense down.

Goal Line, Blitz, and Various 1st Down Situations

Coach Miller shares some of the scheme adjustments they make at St. Francis in both goal line and blitz situations with the power scheme. Also, he shares some coaching points against an odd front.

  • Learn how the play-side combination block and backside cut off block change against an odd front.
  • Learn how to teach the play-side tackle and guard to adjust their assignments to negate double edge fire and the "A" gap run through by the linebacker.
  • Learn how Coach Miller adjusts the front-side blocking scheme to handle various goal line and short yardage schemes that are common.

This is a great video for any coach wanting to learn how to teach the gap blocking scheme that accompanies the power run scheme!

59 minutes. 2018.

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