Strategies for Training Liberos and Increasing Defensive Intensity

Strategies for Training Liberos and Increasing Defensive Intensity
Strategies for Training Liberos and Increasing Defensive Intensity
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Learn how to:
  • Learn how to train your players to dig with precision
  • Give your defensive specialists an identity - they are game changers!
  • Develop serve receive skills using fundamental-to-advanced drill progressions
  • Create the attitude of a "first ball specialist" going after any ball in the gym
with Leisa Rosen, University of Michigan Associate Head Coach;
All-American player for Ohio State University, Big Ten Player of the Year;one of the 50 greatest sports figures of the 20th century from the state of Alaska by Sports Illustrated

University of Michigan Associate Head Coach Leisa Rosen explains the importance of the libero, their character qualities, their role on the team and the team's need to identify them as key players. She takes you through drills used at Michigan during the season to help these players become defensive specialists and develop the right attitude to give the much-needed extra effort to play this position.

Many coaches use defensive specialists and liberos as shaggers or feeders during offensive drills. Coach Rosen believes defensive specialists need to have an identity. She shares great examples of the characteristics and personality traits that help give a libero an identity, and excellent coaching tips on how to let them know they are as important (or more important) than other positions on the court. She explains how defensive specialists are game changers and that they affect both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Overall, Coach Rosen stresses that when it comes to defensive specialists, effort and attitude takes precedence over technique.

Coach Rosen uses highly skilled players to demonstrate some of her favorite drills to train defensive players. These drills cover serve receive and digging. Each drill includes progressions that start with fundamentals and techniques, and then advances to running them in game-like situations. These drills stress getting the body around the ball, moving the feet, and proper body posture. Many of the drills introduced are multi-purpose drills as they work on passing, ball control and setting. These are three very important aspects of the game for defensive specialists.

Beyond drills, this presentation can helps coaches develop the proper mindset in their defensive specialists. Without this mindset, DS's can have the best technique ever but will not get the job done.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

43 minutes. 2014.

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