Strategies for Coaching Fearless Servers

Strategies for Coaching Fearless Servers
Strategies for Coaching Fearless Servers
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Product Description

  • Learn how to serve without fear
  • Learn how to avoid the "seven deadly sins" of serving
  • Discover strategies for building your lineup around your best servers
with Jim Hunstein,
Lewis & Clark Community College Head Coach;

In this detailed presentation, Jim Hunstein shares a number of drills to build server confidence and skills. Also included are tips for developing a sliding scale for optimum serve percentage.

Using the similarities between volleyball and tennis, Coach Hunstein shows how to help players advance their serving game. He discusses in-depth how player confidence and playing without fear can instantly improve serving performances. Starting with a plan that can be implemented at the first practice of the season, Coach Hunstein gives tips and suggestions on improving player success at the service line. He uses visualization, rituals and scouting as tools to improve serving and build server confidence.

Coach Hunstein demonstrates a series of drills to improve players' serving skills in all types of situations. These drills create a deliberate practice where players can see and feel their serves and learn how to make adjustments to improve them.

Coach Hunstein discusses his drill philosophies and shares examples on how these philosophies can be used in practice. He also discusses building a line-up around your servers to help give your team an advantage: He covers what to look for, how to move players around in the lineup and what kind of stats should be used to build your team's lineup. He finishes with an explanation on measuring players' serves to determine who should be serving and where in the rotation they should be serving. By following these drills and concepts, coaches will see significant improvement in their team's performance from the beginning to the end of the season.

Serving is an under-appreciated skill of the game. This DVD will help your team take a step towards the next level of success.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

56 minutes. 2014.

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