Stopping the Wing-T with the 4-2-5 Defense

Stopping the Wing-T with the 4-2-5 Defense
Stopping the Wing-T with the 4-2-5 Defense
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In this video you will learn how to:
  • Stop the top five running plays in the Wing-T Offense
  • Implement a five man attack front that creates problems for Wing-T blocking schemes
  • Take away the boot pass using "Clamp" and "Black" coverages
  • Slow down a fast tempo offense and the importance of pressuring the Wing-T passing game
with Drew Sanders,Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach;
in 2018: Texas 6A Div. II Regional Semi-Finalists, 12-1 final record;
Undefeated District 13-6A Champions;
#1 Ranked Defense in 13-6A;
Most interceptions in school history (12)

Sooner or later you will see a dominant Wing-T team, will you have the answers on how to defeat it? Drew Sanders has offered all of the fundamental points in his 4-2-5 defense. Now, Coach Sanders takes an inside look at his philosophy and defensive scheme on shutting down the potent Wing T (or Slot T) attack with his 4-2-5, as well as his "Cobra" package that allows for diversity in his defensive attack.

Coach Sanders presents a chalk talk on defeating the top five plays in the Wing-T offense before showing you game footage of his defense in action. Starting with the Isolation, Sanders details how the 4-2-5 defends the play to the strong and weak side. A five-man front called Cobra is diagramed and Sanders points out the importance of giving the offense different looks and how this concept will create confusion and problems for the Wing-T.

The Trap is a deadly play out of the Wing-T and Sanders shows how his 3-technique defender is taught to wrong shoulder the trap block, which forces the runner to bounce the ball outside to the inside linebacker and defensive end. The Buck Sweep is a staple of the Wing-T and Sanders shows you the importance of keeping the edge and getting your team to run to the football.

Lastly, coach breaks down the passing game and helps you understand the pressure they put on with the blitz. Coach Sanders states you must blitz, most Wing T teams have an underdeveloped passing game with limited adjustments to pressure and coverage. With the pressure, the blitzes are built to not give up the big run plays. The "clamp" coverage is used in Sander's 4-2-5 scheme to slow down the play action passing game.

As a bonus Sanders shows how your scout team can increase both tempo and execution with the use of wrist bands in practice.

This is a great video for any coach who is looking for an advantage when facing Wing T or Slot T offense. Any coach that plays against the potent Wing-T offense will want this video in his library.

59 minutes. 2014.

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