Stop Running in Circles! Play Games to Warm-Up

Stop Running in Circles!  Play Games to Warm-Up
Stop Running in Circles! Play Games to Warm-Up
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Product Description

  • Maximize volleyball skill development
  • Increase volleyball ball touches
  • Get creative, imaginative volleyball warm-up drills
with Bill Neville,
U.S. Volleyball Association National Commissioner of Coaching Education, 3X Olympic Men's Coach
and Bill Hamiter,
USAV National Team Coach for Men's Sitting Volleyball

Are you looking for creative ways to increase touches, create competitiveness, and increase athleticism and fitness levels? Stop running in circles! Play games to warm up! In this creative AVCA convention on-court presentation, legendary coaches Bill Neville and Bill Hamiter present you with a variety of activities and games that incorporate all of these essential elements of successful volleyball into your warm-up. Neville and Hamiter present more than 10 different activities, with each possessing a variety of progressions that you can adjust to create a desired outcome. Their instruction includes mixing up drill combinations, varying the amount of ball touches and changing the skills you want to incorporate into your practice. The goal throughout this presentation is to stimulate your imagination into wrapping these drills and games around the needs of your team. The desired outcome of this skill-based warm-up is to blur the line between the end of your warm-up and the beginning of practice. Use your imagination and make warm-ups a more valuable part of your practice.

58 minutes. 2009

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