Stickwork & Clearing Drills for Goalies

Stickwork & Clearing Drills for Goalies
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Advance your goalie's performance with the ball using drills designed to enhance stickwork and clearing abilities!

  • Get 10 drills with multiple variations to teach your goalie the best stickwork and passing skills after saves, in settled clearing situations, and when out of the crease
  • Learn to incorporate decision making into the save/clear sequence and to assess the effective range of a goalkeeper's clearing pass
  • Enhance the footwork for a lacrosse goalie to be an active part of a team's clearing game

with Remington Steele,
Furman University Assistant Women's Coach;
Head Coach of the New Zealand team at the 2015 FIL U-19 World Championships;
assistant coach of the Welsh Senior Women's National Team;
former goalie for the Canadian U-19 National Team

The goalie position has evolved to the point where merely ‘warming up' a goalie is no longer sufficient to be prepared to play at an elite level. Making saves is only one task attributed to a good goalie. Advanced drills that isolate technique are a necessary component of goalie training.

After competing and coaching at every level of the sport from youth through international play, Remington Steele has provides a progressive goalkeeper practice that works the reaction time, footwork and pass-types required for goalkeepers to be successful. These exercises will train your goalie to handle the ball in both quick-outlet situations, and long clearing passes designed to jump-start a fast break.

Short-Range Clears

Coach Steele leads goalies through a series of short-range passes from different body angles in order to clear a ball quickly. You'll see how footwork and body angle are important components of this technique. Learn to instruct your goalies how to quickly pop the ball to an open player while practicing the different throwing scenarios they'll encounter in a game.

Long-Range Clears

Steele shares how he progresses his goalies to making successful longer range clears and clarifies the difference in throwing technique from the short-range option. Steele walks goalies through two different clears: passing a harder, lower arc pass, as well as a higher-arc pass that drops into the open player. Help your goalies understand their effective clearing range by running through these drills in your practice.

Decision Making in the Save/Clear Process

Coach Steele builds upon the earlier concepts and adds quick decision-making to the save/clear process. Learn to drill your goalies into making good clearing decisions while under pressure. See how this can be accomplished through simulated pressure by a coach. You'll also discover how to add footwork drills into this process to help the goalie multi-task while focusing on the clearing pass.

Steele offers a one-stop shop for a coach, or goalie, looking to reach their full potential. This is a must-have for goalies looking to advance their game.

67 minutes. 2017.

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