Stick Work Progressions for Field Hockey

Stick Work Progressions for Field Hockey
Stick Work Progressions for Field Hockey
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Product Description

  • Build speed and quickness while carrying the ball
  • Develop open field receiving skills and elimination skills
  • Progress from simple drills to more complex drills
with Jan Trapp,
Messiah College Head Coach; over 500 career victories;
2010 NCAA Division III National runner-up; 10x MAC Conference Coach of the Year;
Featuring the Messiah College Coaching Staff

Jan Trapp and the Messiah College staff take you through the techniques and drills for teaching and developing proper stick work. Coach Trapp has won over 500 games in her career at Messiah and her teams have been invited to the NCAA tournament over 20 times with 14 of those teams reaching the Final Four.

Coach Trapp's drills begin with basic principles and build up to more advanced principles. The DVD begins with stationary stick work drills involving the ready position concentrating on footwork and balance - the keys to good stickwork.

Trapp slowly adds movement to the drills combining ball handling, footwork, passing with spin, slip, flop, pull back and lift techniques. The progression ends with shots out of the movements. Each drill trains the players to keep their body and sticks low to ensure consistent ball control. These drills will help your athletes build speed and quickness while carrying the ball down the field and to put more drive behind their shot.

Building on the ball control drills, the staff demonstrates drills to improve passing and receiving skills while on the move. This segment includes a 2-on-0 drill to develop ball control, passing and receiving skills and a five-point drill for receiving passes on the move from a longer distance. These drills reinforce low body position, soft hands, passing accuracy and timing. Using these drills, your players will learn to cut to get open and receive a pass with pressure or get practice intercepting passes.

All of the skills taught throughout the video culminate in a 3-on-2, 2-on-1 drill that simulates game action.

This comprehensive DVD will provide you with the tools you need to bring out the best in your athletes' ball control skills!

75 minutes. 2011.

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