Stick Skills, Offensive Movements & Shooting Drills for Scoring

Stick Skills, Offensive Movements & Shooting Drills for Scoring
Stick Skills, Offensive Movements & Shooting Drills for Scoring
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Develop the stick skills and shooting strategies needed for a high-scoring offense!

  • Learn multiple drills that will maximize repetitions so players can develop and reinforce solid, fundamental stick skills
  • Improve the timing of your players' cuts to the cage
  • Add diversity to your dodging skill set from up top and behind the cage

with Jen Muston,
York College Head Women's Coach; 2x Capital Athletic Conference Coach of the Year

Great stick skills allow players to execute offensive strategies and overall game plans. In this video, York College head coach Jen Muston shares how to enhance the basic skills of women's lacrosse to develop high-level execution. Utilizing small-sided drills that are up-tempo and performed at game-like intensity, Muston gives an opportunity to enhance stickwork in a way that translates to the game itself.

The principles and skills taught by Coach Muston can be plugged into any type of offense you'd like to run. Coach Muston is superb at incorporating multiple skills into every drill. Most of the drills work at least three skills (for example, a short pass, a long pass and an over-the-shoulder pass) into a single drill, with a lot of repetitions of each.

You'll see Coach Muston explain and diagram every drill on a white board prior to having her team demonstrate each drill progression on the field. With this video, you will have everything you need for your team's stickwork practice for the entire season.

Stickwork Drills

The individual skills portion of the video drills players in the most important facets of offensive lacrosse. Players are exposed to a high number of repetitions of both long and short passes, moving the ball after picking up a ground ball, cross-body passing and catching, as well as over-the-shoulder catches.

Drills encompass the stick skills needed to clear the ball, transition the ball, and score from settled offensive situations. The drills incorporate footwork and game-like movements that will improve your team's scoring ability. Each stickwork drill includes progressions and variations.

Shooting Drills

Utilizing small-sided drills, Coach Muston emphasizes touches and repetition to develop her offensive personnel with a variety of shooting drills. Four different drills are provided to develop the complete offensive player:

  • Develop one-on-one play while rolling the crease, and work on the execution of the Inside Roll, Rocker Step, and Hook Shot.
  • Enhance the skill work of feeders and shooters by shooting off of live passes.
  • Work on attacking the goal from the top using a variety of techniques.

Your players will not only get high repetitions in dodging and feeding, but will learn important principles, including spacing and timing of cuts.

Coach Muston walks you through front-door cuts, post-backs, pick & rolls, and slip-picks that you can build on by adding defense and real game situations. All feeding and ball movement is conducted on the run, closely simulating game experience.

If you want to get the most out of your offensive players, this video is the one for you. You'll learn everything you need for the stickwork, crease attack, cutting and feeding components of your practices.

47 minutes. 2017.

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