Steve Prohm: Complete Zone Offense

Steve Prohm: Complete Zone Offense
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Break down 2-3 zone defenses with time-tested offensive concepts and set plays!

  • Discover how to beat a zone defense in a variety of ways including transition, half-court offense, set plays, and out-of-bounds plays
  • Get a variety of Coach Prohm's set plays with multiple options that flow efficiently into your regular offense
  • Learn zone concepts that can be applied with any zone offensive scheme to help your team score more points

with Steve Prohm,
Iowa State University Head Coach;
2017 Big 12 Tournament Champions; 2016 Sweet Sixteen;
former Murray State University Head Coach; 2012 Joe B. Hall National Coach of the Year (top 1st-year D1 coach);
2014 CIT Champions; 2x OVC Coach of the Year

In this video, Iowa State University head coach Steve Prohm gives his comprehensive approach to beating the most popular zone in today's game: the 2-3. Prohm details how his teams have defeated some of the best zone defenses in the country with two different zone offenses and a handful of set plays. If your team struggles to score versus zone defenses, this video can help improve its scoring ability and confidence against any zone.

Zone Offense

Coach Prohm begins with early offense and explains why transition is the best way to beat the zone. While that may seem like a fundamental concept, he elaborates on transition positioning and teaches early offense to get the ball in the basket quickly before the zone has a chance to get set. Prohm also teaches three offensive concepts that are great for beating the zone, including his "flare flash" and "roll cross" actions.

Since you can't always beat a zone in transition, Prohm offers two offenses - a motion offense and a ball screen offense - to destroy the zone. You'll see perimeter and post concepts and discover how Prohm blends them together to create a potent attack. Additionally, he demonstrates a few basic concepts for beating a box-and-1.

Set Plays

Next, Coach Prohm reaches into his personal playbook and gives you seven set plays for half-court offense and four baseline out of bounds plays to beat the zone. He takes you through multiple options for each set and has the practice team demonstrate each at full speed.

This video proves why Prohm's teams at Iowa State are always competitive in one of the toughest conferences in the country. His zone concepts are quick, simple, and continuous to make them a nightmare to guard defensively. This is a great video for all age groups as the overall concepts can apply to lower levels while the offense and sets are effective at high levels of play.

70 minutes. 2019.

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