Steve Forbes: Quick Hitting Transition Sets & Effective Out-of-Bounds Plays

Steve Forbes: Quick Hitting Transition Sets & Effective Out-of-Bounds Plays
Steve Forbes: Quick Hitting Transition Sets & Effective Out-of-Bounds Plays
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Product Description

Learn to attack a defense when it is trying to get matched-up and organized!

  • Get touches for both post and perimeter players in transition and create five viable scoring options
  • Learn nine ways to attack your opponent in transition without having to set up your half-court offense
  • Get eight out-of-bound plays, all with similar starting alignments with many options and counters, to make it difficult for your opponent to scout and stop

with Steve Forbes,
East Tennessee State Head Coach;
2017 SoCon Tournament and Regular Season Champions;
former Northwest Florida State Head Coach, Back-to-Back NJCAA Division I National Runner-Up;
nine seasons as a D-I Assistant Coach (with Billy Gillispie, Bruce Pearl, & Gregg Marshall)

Transition offense has rapidly become one of the most focused upon aspects of basketball. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Forbes provides you all you need to know about transition offense - whether you are implementing a transition game plan or looking for some new ideas. He also includes out of bounds plays if your team is one that struggles scoring from underneath the basket.

A veteran of 27 years in coaching, Coach Forbes discusses the foundations of his program. Starting with his experiences having coached under Billy Gillispie (Texas A&M), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee), and Gregg Marshall (Wichita States), Forbes discusses his philosophy in program building and style of play.

Transition: Quicks 1-9

Coach Forbes goes through a series of secondary break actions that can be used to attack a defense in transition. Capable of being used on a made shot or off of a missed shot, nine quick-hitting plays are presented to attack the defense when they are most vulnerable.

The "quicks" presented by Coach Forbes include a variety of basic actions that can be used by virtually any team. Using ball screens, dribble drive action, shuffle cuts, flex screens, UCLA action, stagger doubles, and back doors, each play is designed to attack a defense quickly and get high-percentage shots.

Many of the plays presented in transition offense are shown with wrinkles that can be adjusted to any type of personnel to take advantage of favorable match-ups and player strengths. Whether it's a big, a point guard that's good with the ball, or a 4-man that can shoot, Coach Forbes lays the plays out so you can quickly view the sets that fit your team's skill set.

Inbounds Plays

Coach Forbes presents a series of inbound plays that are hard to defend. From a 1-4 low alignment, the plays utilize lob passes for the bigs, pin-down screens for the inbound passer, dribble hand-offs, and isolations.

For sideline inbound plays, Coach Forbes starts in a box formation and utilizes quick-hitting actions designed to get players shots in key situations. Using flex cuts, lob passes, dribble hand-offs, and screen-the-screener action, each play is designed to hit a defense quickly and get open shots.

Program Evaluation

More than just X's and O's, Coach Forbes lays out the kind of culture he has with his teams. Based on doing things right and playing with intensity, his teams are known for their aggressive style of play -- one that he learned at various assistant coaching and junior college head coaching destinations.

To see whether his program has achieved the trademarks of the culture that he wants, Forbes explains the ways in which his program is evaluated. Areas that are covered in evaluating the program include:

  • Evaluation of players by the coaching staff
  • Evaluation of the players and program by the players
  • Evaluation of the program by the head coach

It's crucial to have the knowledge of where your program's strengths lie as well as those areas where improvements can and must be made. Overall, the development of your program's culture and finding the right way to go in the future are critical to being a consistently high-performing basketball team.

Produced at the Spring 2016 Myrtle Beach (SC) clinic.

"The variety of transition and inbounds plays are incredible." - Customer Review

74 minutes. 2017.

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