Steve DeMeo: Ball Screen Offense

Steve DeMeo: Ball Screen Offense
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Discover how to use 3-on-3 to train players to read the defense and see how athletes perform with space!

  • Learn how to attack defenses that ice or blitz the ball screen
  • Set different angles on screens to dictate the path of the ball handler and initiate the offensive set
  • Get a progression of chair drills to teach the ball screen action

with Steve DeMeo,
St. John's Assistant Coach;
former Northwest Florida State College Head Coach;
2015 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I National Champions;
2015 Spalding NJCAA Division I National Coach of the Year;
2017 Red Auerbach Coach of the Year;
2017 Panhandle Conference Coach of the Year; 3x Panhandle Conference Champions

Steve DeMeo presents a video on how to implement one of the most successful offenses in the game today, the Ball Screen Offense. He explains how, after 29 years of coaching, he came to start running this offense. DeMeo talks about the four keys required to make the offense work for your team with the same success he has had, and provides all the drills to make your players proficient in running the offense. Key points in the presentation include:

  • How to set screens properly.
  • Building your offense using 3-on-3.
  • Teaching players to get into transition off a missed shot.
  • Importance of bigs setting screens to encourage mismatches.
  • Counters to defensive "icing."
  • And more!

Ball Screen Action

The base set is broken down into drills for both the guards and the posts. Guard development drills start with one player and eventually build up with additional players, requiring athletes to make decisions in two seconds or less when coming off the screen. They work on various actions and movements: using the screen, getting to the nail and pulling up, passing, roll replace action, and finally baseline drive/drift action.

Post players work on setting screens, sprinting to the rim, making a great angle and finishing on a pocket pass. They also work on creating angles for screens and looking for mismatches.

Transition Action (Phoenix Action)

Coach DeMeo details the basic movements and spots players should get to in transition. He then shows some basic reverse actions, hand-offs, and post dives from the base set. You'll see the flexibility and variety that can be incorporated in the offense with the use of double ball screen, floppy action, lobs, and the UCLA cut. From these sets, DeMeo shows how you can get open looks and foul calls.

Counters to Common Defensive Actions

Going 5-On-5, DeMeo shows the two most common ways (blitz and ice) that defenses try to defeat the ball screen. He covers where you need to keep the defense when teams try to ice the ball screen using the post, down screen, and dribble hand-offs. For defenses that blitz the screen, he shows where the screen needs to be set on the court in order to easily defeat this tactic.

This video provides the basic steps and drills needed to implement an offense that can be run at any level with many options to keep the defense off balance.

Produced at the Fall 2016 Indianapolis (IN) clinic.

70 minutes. 2017.

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