Steve Bultman's All-Encompassing Approach to Breaststroke Training

Steve Bultman's All-Encompassing Approach to Breaststroke Training
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Master all aspects of the breaststroke to set new personal records!

  • Develop an efficient breaststroke kick to improve propulsion in the water
  • Get drills that work on timing, hand speed, and arm cycle to cut down on effort exuded for a fast stroke
  • Learn how to develop a seasonal plan for breaststrokers that helps athletes peak at the right time

with Steve Bultman,
Texas A&M University Head Women's Coach;
2x U.S. Olympic Team Coach;
ASCA Hall of Fame Inductee (2015);
4x Big 12 Champions ('07, '08, '10, '12) and Back-to-back-to-back SEC Champions ('16, '17, '18)

Steve Bultman is one of the most well-respected swim coaches in the nation, and in this video, he gives you a multitude of drills for every aspect of the breaststroke. With the assistance of three top-level breaststrokers, each aspect of the stroke is broken down to show the most efficient manner it should be performed. Using a variety of drills and equipment, each segment of the stroke is analyzed so that you can develop a complete understanding of what it takes to build a championship-caliber breaststroker.

Bultman's focus throughout the video is on the most important aspects of the stroke - the kick and the pull. There are also well-detailed sections on the start, the breaststroke turn, the underwater pullout, and finishes. You'll not only get drills, but also progressions from a drill to a full stroke swim in short sets to emphasize necessary skills.

Kick Drills for Propulsion and Minimal Drag

Coach Bultman demonstrates a generous number of drills and variations to address every aspect of the kick. He spells out clearly how each drill is done, what its purpose is, and what you should be watching for as your swimmers perform the drill. You'll get drills that increase foot speed and build feel for maximum distance per kick. Additionally, Bultman addresses kick imbalances with drills that isolate each leg for balanced, maximum power while minimizing drag.

Develop Fast and Powerful Breaststroke Pulls

The pull is a vital aspect of a dominant breaststroke. Coach Bultman shows you how to use sculling drills to isolate and improve each aspect of the pull. He also details how to eliminate any pause on the in-sweep and instead get powerful acceleration through the recovery. Additionally, you'll see how to teach swimmers to have their hands and forearms get around their elbows so the elbows stay high and hold water for the best distance per stroke.

Bultman details how to help your swimmers understand that their hands and forearms are the "movers" for the breaststroke. By using drills that minimize elbow movement and put steady pressure on the forearms, swimmers can grab the water early, hold the water through the pull, and accelerate their hands back to the front fast.

Great Walls - Turns, Pullouts, Starts and Finishes

Coach Bultman takes his swimmers through the open turn, pullout, and the start while pointing out common flaws and how to avoid them. Sit in as he demonstrates how he uses weekly underwater footage to analyze his swimmers. You'll see:

  • Drills and cues to keep turns small and quick.
  • A breakdown of the pullout that balances power and body line to take top speed into the breakout.
  • How to use underwater video analysis to help swimmers recognize their strengths and target their weaknesses.
  • Drills that improve power off the block and adjust the entry for optimum speed into the pullout.
  • How to adjust tempo and distance to hit walls at top speed and full extension for great turns and finishes.

Seasonal, Weekly, and Daily Planning

In the second disc of this two-disc set, Coach Bultman describes what goes into his seasonal, weekly, and daily planning. He covers scheduling challenges and how plans must be adapted to fit different swimmers. Next, he takes the swimmers through a typical workout. You will learn how he uses different drills and equipment to get power and precision from his breaststrokers. The expanded format also lets you see the way he mixes breaststroke and other strokes in sets that help develop the swimmer's versatility.

Coach Bultman delivers everything you need to know to produce championship-caliber breaststrokers.

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