Steve Bieser Open Practice 3-Pack

Steve Bieser Open Practice 3-Pack
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Product Description

  • Get six drills to improve overall defensive execution
  • Discover three ways to develop pitching speed, accuracy, and consistency
  • Learn how to organize and incorporate a structured set of drills that will increase mechanical efficiency for the swing

with Steve Bieser,
University of Missouri Head Coach;
former Southeast Missouri State Head Coach, 2x Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year; led Southeast Missouri to 3 straight Ohio Valley Conference Championships

Steve Bieser takes you inside the methods he employs with his Missouri Tigers to run an efficient baseball practice. Learn how to accomplish more in less time as Bieser explains how he runs a practice that includes base-running, throwing, and defensive and offensive execution.

Coach Bieser provides a classroom description for every drill covered and then moves to the field to show the team executing the drill or segment in a practice setting. Each area is organized to create game-like situations at faster than game speed rates. Additionally, the areas will increase the number of repetitions players go through, meaning your team's practice time is used more efficiently. This results in incorporating conditioning during the act of play as opposed to a separate phase that may not combine conditioning with performing baseball moves.

The main focus of this practice is on defense. Coach Bieser demonstrates six drills to use throughout the year to address defensive execution. Drills cover first and third defense, a bunt defense system, double play team circuit, team rundown drills, and a pop-up communication priority system.

Other areas covered in practice include:

  • Baserunning Cycle - Combines conditioning with game-like situations and works on base-running mechanics at every base. Also utilizes base coaches to help direct the runners and every player gets a read from a different base throughout the drill.
  • Daily Throwing Program - Details Coach Bieser's approach to long toss and how it is implemented in a position-specific way.
  • Bunt System and Situational Hitting - Teach good execution on the base paths by incorporating situational bunting and hitting into your practice plan.

Coach Bieser's practice organization will give you and your team an efficient, game-like practice plan that increases the number of repetitions for all of your players.

132 minutes. 2017.

with Patrick Hallmark,
University of Missouri Pitching Coach;
former Rice University Pitching Coach

Developing an elite baseball pitcher is about more than just pitching mechanics. The greats not only have the mechanics to be successful, but they understand how to use their pitches, can field their position, and take care of their arms so they stay healthy. Patrick Hallmark will show you how to develop pitchers who can do it all.

Take a look inside University of Missouri's baseball program and how they develop, maintain, and enhance their pitching staff. Using a series of drills, Coach Hallmark explains his pitching system compromised of concepts important for any baseball team.

Drills to Develop Pitching Mechanics

Learn how to safely improve velocity and strengthen the throwing arm. Coach Hallmark introduces three drills to help improve pitching mechanics, while training the body to throw harder. His throwing program focuses on long toss and throwing different pitches from 90 feet to increase arm strength, gain velocity and improve control of each pitch.

Pitcher's Fielding Practice

Batters are constantly trying to hit the ball up the middle to the biggest hole in the defense. Hallmark demonstrates a series of station drills where several groups can efficiently work on pitcher defense. Each station focuses on a different scenario crucial to any team defense. Players focus on defending bunts, come-backers, right-side hits, and double plays.

Develop a Purposeful Bullpen Session

Watch the master at work as Hallmark has his pitchers throw a bullpen session working on fastballs, breaking balls, and the change-up in different zones. Throughout the session, you're able to h

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