Steve Bennett: Utilizing Ball Screens and Off-Court Coaching

Steve Bennett: Utilizing Ball Screens and Off-Court Coaching
Steve Bennett: Utilizing Ball Screens and Off-Court Coaching
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Product Description

  • Teach your players how to make the reads that will get them open when coming off of screens
  • Utilize the "Ball Screen Shooting Series" to teach your guards ball handling and shooting skills they can need to score
  • Get insights on how to build a winning program outside of the gym
with Steve Bennett,
New Castle (IN) High School Head Coach;

Get great advice for building your team and making your players better at reading offensive ball screens.

In the last 10 years in the great basketball state of Indiana there has not been a more successful boys basketball coach than Steve Bennett. In this DVD, Coach Bennett shares some of his secrets to developing a successful program, as well as some great direction on running and drilling the screen and roll. He gives insights on parents, training, morale building, and the best ways to inspire and discipline players; and then he gets into ball screen reads and counters with drills.

In the first half of the DVD, Coach Bennett breaks down his guidelines for being a successful high school coach. One of the first areas that he addresses is keeping the players and their parents up to date on all activities with the team. This focus on communication is essential to developing a trust with the community. Next, he discusses the importance of repetition in developing a successful program. Many other valuable thoughts are shared throughout the dialogue. Discussions on assistant coaches, winning and empowering your athletes are all shared. Throughout the dialogue, Bennett keeps it light and enthusiastic as he often interacts with the other coaches in the audience.

In the second half of the DVD, Bennett talks through the different reads that players must make to run a successful screen and roll game. With a focus on getting his best player the ball in the best possible place to score, Bennett clearly describes and demonstrates how to defeat popular ball screen defense techniques, such as the hard hedge, traps, switches and other strategies.

Coach Bennett makes the drills he uses to teach these concepts quite easy. With the use of cones, he is not only able to coach his team, but also easily run players through the drills necessary to master reading and reacting to a variety of defensive strategies. You will also see a series of drills that will allow your players to shoot the same shots they will get when running this potent offense in a game. High repetition of these shots is essential to being consistently successful.

Become a master of the ball screen basketball with this terrific tutorial on ball screen reads.

Produced at the Fall 2012 Chicago (IL) clinic

62 minutes. 2013.

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