Step-by-Step Guide to the Glide Shot Put

Step-by-Step Guide to the Glide Shot Put
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Discover the secrets and drill progression needed to create a superb glide shot put!

  • Get 14 drills designed to teach the full glide, including pivot drills and exercises to work the hips
  • Learn how to teach the block at the front of the ring, allowing athletes to complete fair throws with stronger distance
  • Train throwers how to move across the ring to create the speed and power needed to throw far

with John Dagata,
USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);
USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach

Learn a step-by-step method that breaks the glide technique into individual components that each athlete must master to have effective technique in the shot put.

John Dagata shares a series of 14 drills that incorporate the entire glide sequence. These drills cover three main components: stand throws, block glides, and step-backs. You'll see drills to teach proper technique, including:

  • Stand throws with double pivot, stand throws with a step out, stand throws with a reverse finish.
  • Step in throws with double pivot, step out, and a reverse finish.
  • Static throws with double pivot, step out, and a reverse finish.
  • Full throws with a backswing and reverse finish.

Teach Athletes to Block

Dagata spends considerable time teaching the blocking action of the off arm in the shot put. He shares several drills that help the athlete learn how to achieve the correct blocking position:

  • One step drill with a step back.
  • One step drills with step over and reverse.
  • Block left with step over and reverse.

Teaching the Full Glide

This presentation concludes with Dagata sharing several drills and coaching points on the full glide, which include:

  • How to teach your athletes to "unseat" to begin the glide.
  • How to cue your athletes to keep their upper body closed to the sector while staying back on their dominant leg.
  • How to teach the rhythm of the glide, which is crucial once an athlete starts the full glide.

With the help of Coach Dagata, you will be able to teach the glide step-by-step, allowing your athletes to quickly grasp and implement the important concepts of the throw!

57 minutes. 2018.

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