Staying in the Game: Combating Athlete Burnout

Staying in the Game: Combating Athlete Burnout
Staying in the Game: Combating Athlete Burnout
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Product Description

  • Stay fresh and keep a winning attitude all season long
  • Effectively respond to signs of stress, staleness, and athlete burnout
  • Improve your energy, attitude and athletic success
  • with Chris Stankovich,
    athletic counselor and national expert in sport performance science

    The role of an athlete can be incredibly demanding, often leaving athletes tired, stressed, and burned out (physically and emotionally). Unfortunately, when athletes feel overwhelmed, not only do they play less effectively, but they also lose all the fun they previously experienced while playing sports. Making things even more difficult for athletes who feel burned out from playing is the scarcity of educational resources afforded to athletes...until now.

    Staying in the Game: Combating Athlete Burnout will teach athletes, parents, and coaches:

    • Why it is important to learn about how athlete burnout can impact physical and emotional health
    • Risk factors that increase the likelihood for experiencing athlete burnout
    • The stages of athlete burnout
    • How athlete burnout can impact personal life
    • Tips to minimize burnout and maximize athletic success
    • Strategic methods to employ to improve attitude, energy, and athletic success

    Don't let burnout get the best of you. Live a healthier life and improve your athletic success!

    35 minutes. 2011.

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