Staying a Step Ahead - 'Answer Each Action' Run Game

Staying a Step Ahead - 'Answer Each Action' Run Game
Staying a Step Ahead - 'Answer Each Action' Run Game
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  • Improve your Football coaching!
  • Learn from Mark Schmidt!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Mark Schmidt,
Neshaminy (PA) High School Head Coach

A giant in Pennsylvania high school football, Coach Schmidt led Neshaminy to a remarkable 15-0 season in 2001. The center of his program is running the football. In 2006, his team averaged an impressive 7.6 yards per carry, but fumbled only five times in 430 attempts and his offense scored in the Red Zone 39 of 43 times. Facing defenses that overplay the strong side, coaches must "Answer Each Action" appropriately. An example is to have a cut back scheme in your power game and hold the defense in there with an exotic, reverse or play action pass. Using a variety of formations, Schmidt illustrates his running scheme with use of game footage. Examples include inside power, option strong, option to open side, option reverse and trips. By using videotape, Schmidt is able to stop the action and explain blocking schemes, player responsibilities and play formations. A special set of clips demonstrates play action, waggle and screen plays that are run with success. Schmidt's presentation targets in on answers that have allowed his teams to score points, score consistently in the Red Zone, and take advantage of defenses. Keep your opponent off balance by answering the challenge on every play!

42 minutes. 2006.

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