Station Drills for Batting Practice

Station Drills for Batting Practice
Station Drills for Batting Practice
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Product Description

  • Get hitting drills to work the fundamentals of the swing from the first move to the finish and follow through
  • Learn how to use stationary hitting drills to develop proper swing technique
  • Learn one-arm drills to train what each hand needs to do during the swing
  • Learn drills to help teach extension to generate more power
with Craig Nicholson, former Arizona State University Head Coach;
former Ball State University Head Coach; 3x MAC Champions, 3x MAC Coach of the Year

Prepare your hitters to dominate at the plate! In this presentation, Arizona State University Head Coach Craig Nicholson offers a blueprint for running efficient, productive batting practices.

Coach Nicholson builds his presentation around a typical day of batting practice at Arizona State. You'll see a variety of drills that will help any hitter improve both their swing and their ability to make solid contact with the ball. The drills include both live batting practice drills as well as stationary hitting drills that help reinforce key hitting components of both the top and bottom hand. These drills emphasize the key fundamentals of staying inside the ball, keeping the hands back and driving them through the ball for as long as possible.

Coach Nicholson opens with an overview of a typical batting practice, discussing elements he incorporates into almost every team practice, his philosophy on hitting and ideas for staying inside the ball and the contact point.

In terms of mechanics, Coach Nicholson stresses the importance of staying inside the ball, which helps a hitter keep the ball in fair territory.

Defenses have five infielders to stop ground balls. This presentation will show you how to hit line drives or rising line drives to get the ball out of the infield.

Double BP
Double BP, in which two batters hit live pitches on the field, is a staple in Coach Nicholson's practices. This station allows the hitters to take several live cuts, working on their timing and tracking, in addition to swing mechanics. Coach Nicholson gives batters feedback after almost every swing, noting any adjustments they should make.

Tee Drills and Cage Work
Coach Nicholson shares three drills that his hitters perform at five stations in the batting cages. These drills are designed to break down a hitter's swing, allowing them to feel the individual parts of their swing before putting it all together. Coach Nicholson explains each station and has one of his coaches give a demonstration.

Front Toss
Front toss is important because it is a more controlled swing, and the pitcher can put the ball in more specific spots that they want the hitter to work on. The hitters take several rounds of front toss while a coach offers feedback on their swings. They also perform a "contact progression drill" that allows the hitter to check themselves at certain key points in the swing and feel how their body is supposed to work.

Designed for coaches and players alike, this presentation teaches hitting circuits that reinforce great techniques for better overall results. Get the most out of the time you have to develop key fundamental hitting techniques with the instruction offered here.

82 minutes. 2014.

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