Start to Finish Breaststroke

Start to Finish Breaststroke
Start to Finish Breaststroke
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Product Description

  • Learn to improve breaststroke speed through greater stroke economy
  • Improve forward movement in the water with tight/strong kicking actions
  • Develop a fast, efficient turn
with Kelly Kremer, University of Minnesota Head Women's Coach;
coach of the 2011 NCAA champions in the 100 and 200 breaststroke events

Swim faster, more efficient breaststroke!

Kelly Kremer details the techniques you need to to swim championship-caliber breaststroke. Demonstrating the stroke for Coach Kremer are two NCAA Champions: Jillian Tyler (NCAA Champion 100M Breaststroke) and Haley Spencer (NCAA Champion 200M Breaststroke). These two champions offer a fantastic contrast of styles that Kremer highlights throughout the presentation.

The initial part of the video focuses specifically on forward movement in breaststroke and how to improve that aspect of the stroke. Kremer shows a drill sequence that breaks down the components of forward movement in the stroke in a sequential order that builds the stroke segment by segment. Kremer presents five drills that focus on the breaststroke pull that progress from pull only through pulling with varying flutter, butterfly and breaststroke kicks that combine to teach effective stroke tempo.

In the second part of the video, Coach Kremer shows the vital parts of an effective kick using dry land and water based demonstrations and drills. He describes the components for a forward focused kick with an emphasis on how to effectively finish the kick. This segment features a 4-drill sequence that adds proper body positioning to the kick. This sequence helps train the breaststroker to maintain proper body line and head position with a flat and forward focus. Kremer ends this segment of the presentation with a timing drill that connects the pull and the kick.

Kremer includes the pullout, turns, starts and race specific elements for success. Once again the use of two different types of swimmers give coaches the tools to fine tune technique for a variety of swimmers who skills and talents are different. Kremer also provides a common errors segment, where he identifies seven common breaststroke errors. Each error is demonstrated and corrected with precise, corrective feedback.

This is one of the most complete breaststroke videos you can buy - great for swimmers and coaches alike. Swimmers will not only gain information by watching this video, they will hear about and see the "feel" that great breaststrokers need to be successful. This is a great resource for drills and it will serve as a great tool for recognizing and correcting stroke mechanics.

87 minutes. 2012.

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