Start to Finish Backstroke

Start to Finish Backstroke
Start to Finish Backstroke
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  • Learn the wide (Y) entry and shallow pull for faster tempo and dynamic catch
  • Learn the four drills you need to establish championship backstroke
  • Build the elements of a backstroke start that works for each individual swimmer
  • Develop two techniques for fast backstroke finishes
  • Teach every component of a backstroke turn and kick out
  • Use simple training aids to engage the core and increase power
with Ray Looze,
Indiana University Head Coach;
25x Big Ten Championship Coach;
2016 & 2017 Men's & Women's Big Ten Coach of the Year - first coach in Big 10 history to win both honors in back-to-back years;
member of Team USA's Coaching Staff for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics;
Head Coach for Team USA at the 2014 FINA Short Course World Championships

Ray Looze is one of the most prolific backstroke coaches in the country. His highly successful approach to teaching and coaching the stroke can be characterized as "keeping it simple." In this presentation, Looze is joined by two of his elite backstrokers, both NCAA All Americans and members of the World University Games U.S. Team.

At the center of Looze's backstroke technique are four primary sequential drills he uses to teach the technical components of the stroke. For each drill, Looze details the purpose of the drill, and the technical components that each drill compliments. Looze interviews his swimmers about each aspect of backstroke, interspersing their commentary with demonstrations in the pool. This swimmer initiated feedback is invaluable for both swimmers and coaches.

Also of great benefit are the tips that Looze offers throughout the drill instruction on how he varies his backstroke techniques for the sprint events versus the longer backstroke events. The variety of camera angles, both above and below water, and the repetition of the demonstrations at full speed and slow motion, paint a clear picture for the viewer. .

Learn to effectively kickout for successful backstroke walls. Looze details how to test and execute proper amplitude and frequency, and specifics on how when to begin the kick after the push off to carry maximum speed from the wall into the kickout. You'll also see techniques for body position and the importance of incorporating the core to drive undulation.

Full stroke demonstrations connect the kickout to the stroke and include narrations of what a coach should watch for to avoid common errors that occur in the stroke.

Looze next moves to the backstroke start. He shares variables to consider in individualizing the start to be most beneficial to the swimmer.

In the backstroke turn segment, Looze's focus is on how to transition from the back to the belly quickly and the importance of making the last stroke into the wall a freestyle stroke. The breakout from the turn is also detailed with a focus on making the first two strokes very fast in an effort to get the body back on the surface of the water.

In the final segment of the presentation, Looze demonstrates six training aids he incorporates to enhance technique training. Learn to use bands, paddles, a pulley system, tarps, therabands and even tennis shoes to build power for great distance per stroke and endurance.

Coaches and swimmers at all levels will gain a greater appreciation of the components of great backstroke. Comprehensive coverage of the stroke make this a great blueprint for new swimmers and coaches to build a training strategy. Established coaches will get a look at Coach Looze's backstroke innovations that have helped his swimmers use a wider Y entry and a more shallow pull to get a dynamic catch and faster tempo.

65 minutes. 2012.

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