Sprints & Relays Strategies and Training

Sprints & Relays Strategies and Training
Sprints & Relays Strategies and Training
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Get over 20 drills for warming up, developing sprint mechanics, building workout routines and improving acceleration.
  • Improve the times of your 4x100, 4x200 and 4x400 relay events by perfecting individual and team concepts
  • Learn the difference between relay legs and what's required of the athlete to effectively run each leg
  • Discover the necessary components that go into a successful relay - from start to finish - and the "how" and "why" behind them
with Joey Woody,
Director of Track & Field/Cross Country at the University of Iowa;
4x All-American; Silver Medalist in the 2003 World Championships

Joey Woody explains why the key to having fast relays is developing fast sprinters. You'll learn his philosophy behind team strategy and training for successful relays, as well as how you can build a winning team, or program, from the relay out. At the University of Iowa, their whole philosophy is to build from the relays out. This mindset has led them to back-to-back Big 10 Championship 400-meter relay titles (2013-14). Proof that his system works.

Finding The Right Fit

All relays should be practiced at 100% effort to improve the passing of the baton. Moving your athletes around in all legs will help you determine which athlete is best suited for each position. Coach Woody stresses the importance of the speed of the baton and placing athletes in positions where they can move the baton most effectively.

Included is an in-depth look at the incoming and outgoing runner responsibilities in the 4x100. Coach Woody does a great job showing you the exchange of the baton, as well as hand-off drills and 4x100 strategy. Instruction on what to look for when placing athletes in each leg of the relay is covered in the classroom and on the track.

Longer Distances

The difference in 4x200 and 4x400 relay coaching strategies are also covered, with emphasis put on proper body mechanics. Coach Woody also goes through drills designed specifically for 4x200 and 4x400 relays.

Finally, you will learn Coach Woody's acceleration drills, including the resistance run with a partner, resistance run with a sled and the line drill. Coach Woody uses the line drill to teach greater acceleration mechanics for sprints. This drill is designed to set the sprinter up from start to finish with proper body and shin angles to create maximum ground contact force.

Proper block set-up is also discussed, giving you insight to prepare your runners for a great start.

Coach Joey Woody is one of the best ‘classroom' coaches with his detailed explanation of running the relays. Not only will you get tons of great drills and techniques for sprints and relays, you'll also learn the "how" and "why" behind each teaching point.

80 minutes. 2016.

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