Sprint Out Passing Game

Sprint Out Passing Game
Sprint Out Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Discover 30 effective pass and run plays from the sprint out concept
  • Learn how to vertically stress cornerbacks and horizontally stress safeties
  • Learn quarterback and wide receiver rules to be successful in the sprint out package
  • Learn how to teach wide receivers to adjust routes on the run based on the look they are getting

with Kevin Kelley, Pulaski Academy (AR) Head Coach;
2016 All-USA Coach of the Year;
Kelley's teams have gone 165-25-1 and won seven state titles;
featured on ESPN and in Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine

Kevin Kelley is well known for his risk/reward style of play based on his philosophy of never punting and always onside kicking. In this video, Coach Kelley shows you how to spread the field and utilize the sprint out passing game. Included are complimentary run plays to rack up the yardage on offense, keep the ball away from your opponent and light up the scoreboard.

Kelley starts with his sprint out philosophy and how it affects both his pass and run plays in this area of his offense. The sprint out game is effective because:

  • You only have to block two defenders versus four or five
  • It shortens the throwing distance which creates a higher percentage passing play
  • The quarterback has more time to throw the ball
  • It sets up the counter run game and throwback screens

The brilliance of Coach Kelley's ideas are in the many ways you can attack a defense and get them moving by presenting a standard sprint out look. He includes sprint outs to the backs side and away, to the trips side, and to the single and weakside runs and screens that will keep the defense guessing. He also covers a number of base rules for quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers that players can rely on no matter the play call.

This video covers all the routes used in Coach Kelley's sprint out game. He breaks down the formations into one-, two- and no-back sets. Within each backfield set, you'll see 2x2, 3x1 and some 4x1 formations and other sets according to the personnel.

Kelley has several running plays for running backs and receivers that counter the sprint out action. These plays keep linebackers and d-linemen honest.

The sprint out simplifies pass protection, as the focus is on the two play-side down defenders versus all defenders along the line of scrimmage. It also moves your quarterback closer to his receivers when leaving the pocket and it gives your quarterback more time to make decisions and allow receivers to get open.

This video does a very thorough job of explaining philosophies, techniques, and uses for the sprint out passing game and complimentary running plays. It's an excellent tool for creating an entire package for the sprint out game. The creativity and simplicity of this sprint out passing game will create an advantage for your offense every time you line up.

69 minutes. 2014.

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