Sprint and 400M Hurdle Technique & Training

Sprint and 400M Hurdle Technique & Training
Sprint and 400M Hurdle Technique & Training
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Product Description

Learn how to identify the hurdlers on your team and then discover over 50 drills to develop and perfect their skills.
  • Discover key differences between sprint and distance hurdlers that will help you develop better training routines
  • Get drills and techniques focused on going into the hurdle, going over the hurdle, and coming off the hurdle
  • Learn a proven four-phase training plan that ranges from the off-season through the competition season
with Joey Woody,
Director of Track & Field/Cross Country at the University of Iowa;
4x All-American; Silver Medalist in the 2003 World Championships

Without a doubt, teaching hurdling is one of the toughest tasks for track & field coaches. Coach Joey Woody has created a unique educational tool and does an outstanding job of explaining foundational information that can be used as building blocks toward making a more competitive hurdler. Coach Woody simplifies proper hurdle technique from A to Z. He covers:

  • The athletic qualities required, and how to develop them (speed, strength, endurance, power, and sprint mechanics).
  • Block setup and block starts.
  • Hurdle drills to fix faulty technique, improve stride frequency, and rhythm.

Training Plan

Using a classroom lecture format with on-screen graphics, Coach Woody does an excellent job of explaining the progression of learning the hurdles. You'll get a detailed list of coaching cues that are used to help improve your athletes' hurdling technique.

Coach Woody not only provides sample training slides, but also real-time drills like hurdle walk overs, stationary drills (including lead leg specific drills so the athlete does not lead with a bent knee) and movement based drills.

Additionally, Coach Woody talks about his weekly and yearly training plans, which work on proper mechanics and keeping athletes fresh, while also having them work hard enough to build strength and power.


In the 100/110M hurdles, controlled speed is the key to success, and the central nervous system needs to be firing at all times. Coach Woody explains why being a "trail leg hurdler" is the key to faster times. He also breaks down the components of proper hurdle mechanics into three distinct phases: into the hurdle, over the hurdle and off the hurdle.

You'll learn the importance of running with a consistent rhythm during all drills and keeping the feet moving at all times. Having the upper and lower body working in unison is paramount for developing a champion hurdler.

400M Hurdles

Focus on the 400M hurdler is dependent on a few key qualities: above average speed, great endurance capability and the willingness to train hard. The ability to hurdle with both legs efficiently is a skill most successful 400M hurdlers possess.

Coach Woody describes his philosophy, workout examples, training concepts, and training progression that serve as a good foundation for the developing distance hurdler. He likes to compare 400M hurdle training to medicine. Over-training can have the same negative effect as over-medicating. Remember to train the athlete, not just the event!

This video is a no-brainer for the track & field coach that works with hurdlers. Coaches are constantly seeking new drills and techniques to make their programs and athletes stronger competitors. Coach Woody presents his methods in a way that are easy to understand for coaches and athletes of all levels.

110 minutes. 2016.

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