Spread Offense: Run Blocking Fundamentals & Drills

Spread Offense: Run Blocking Fundamentals & Drills
Spread Offense: Run Blocking Fundamentals & Drills
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  • Establish superior blocking technique for inside and outside zone plays
  • Build consistency in the trenches with essential fundamentals and technique
  • Create big plays with effective combo, reach and cut blocks
with Ed Warinner, University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator and part of the Buckeyes' 2014 National Championship staff;former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
2x Footballscoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year;
With 25+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing). with Ed

Maximize the explosiveness of your spread offense with superior run blocking fundamentals.

Ed Warinner delivers the fundamental drill progressions that have proven successful everywhere he's coached: Army, Air Force, Illinois, Kansas and now Notre Dame. These fundamentals and progressions provide key techniques for athletes and coaches at every level; from peewee ball up to the college level.

Warinner teaches and demonstrates:

  • Board and chute progressions
  • Warm up bag drills
  • Stance, punch, fit position and angle blocking fundamentals
  • Base reach technique
  • Combination blocking
  • Cut blocking
  • And more!

He explains and demonstrates how these blocking techniques should look at the first level and the second level.

Warinner incorporates on-field demonstration, practice video and marker board into his presentation. The on-field demos are an excellent tool your athletes can use to model their technique. As a coach, you will see how these drills are used in a practice setting with a large group of athletes.

Warinner's approach, fundamentals and techniques will provide you and your team the tools you need to run the ball effectively out of any spread offense.

55 minutes. 2010.

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