Spread Formation Triple Option 3-Pack

Spread Formation Triple Option 3-Pack
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  • Discover the athletic qualities needed for each position and what type of personnel you want at each one
  • Learn quarterback pitch mechanics and the fundamentals of executing an arc block
  • See how to run the triple option and mid line option vs. an odd stack, 4-3, and 6-1 defense

with Tim Stowers,
Holmes Community College Offensive Coordinator;
former Georgia Southern University Head Coach, 1990 NCAA Division I-AA/FCS National Champions; 1990 AFCA National Coach of Year

Tim Stowers has coached the Flexbone triple option since 1985 when he was an assistant at Georgia Southern, and in 1990 he became the head coach. He started coaching the offense when it was in its infancy and has been part of all the additions and adjustments this devastating offense has had in that time. Under Coach Stowers' direction, the Holmes offense led the MACJC in rushing the last three years (2014-16), finishing third nationally in 2015 (314 ypg) and second nationally in 2016 (305 ypg). Holmes' offense averaged 30 plus points per game in 2015 and 2016.

Building a championship running game is difficult. Building a championship running game when you have an undersized offensive line is almost impossible. In this video, Tim Stowers shares the system that has brought him success again and again when facing this difficult scenario!

Coach Stowers presents the modern version of the wishbone scheme that is known as "flexbone." In this first of three videos on the triple option, he diagrams the basic "spread" formation that has become synonymous with the triple option. He goes on to describe the alignments and necessary skill sets for each position in order to successfully run this offense, and describes how alignments can be adjusted to accommodate for players of varying degrees of ability.

You'll learn how to build the triple option offense on basic strategic principles and time-tested fundamentals. Coach Stowers teaches you how to identify where and when this offense has the advantage. He shows you:

  • The importance of "accepted tail motion" so the secondary cannot rotate before the snap.
  • How to hold the backside corner with the X receiver running a hitch to keep him from running down the open field runner.
  • How to use Numbers-Grass and Angles to determine which way to run the option.

Using a white board to diagram the basics of the flexbone offense, Stowers details the mesh between the quarterback and B back and the critical footwork used by both. He also demonstrates center-to-quarterback snap mechanics and the ball handling mechanics between the quarterback and "B" back in the mesh. Proper ball handling is crucial to eliminate ball security issues.

The Count System

To successfully run the triple option, the offense must identify which side of the defense they have a numerical advantage to if the defense isn't in a balanced alignment. Stowers describes the "count system" that he teaches his players. The count system lets the quarterback know which defender is the dive key and which defender is the pitch key based on who the offense is "loading."

Stowers also describes the concept of the "loaded" option in which the offense blocks the defensive player that would be assigned to cancel out the quarterback on the triple option. By tying in the count system to the loaded option play, Stowers also demonstrates how the A back determines who to block on the loaded option.

Quarterback Reads

If your quarterback can make the proper pre-snap read and adjust the play correctly, this offense is almost impossible to stop. Stowers covers all the reads the quarterback will typically have to execute in order to run the triple option. He describes the quarterback reactions to shoulder squeeze, QB read and mesh charge, which are common reactions the quarterback will get from the dive key defender. Stowers also describes the "area read" in which the quarterback will read a tandem of players when their alignment dictates the defense may run a stunt to confuse the quarterback's read progression.

Coach Stowers presents a fantastic outline of what you need to do to create and execute an effect

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