Sport Performance Preparation Series

Sport Performance Preparation Series
Sport Performance Preparation Series
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Product Description

  • Learn proper technique for basic through advanced strength training
  • Athletes - Add variety and limit staleness in your workout
  • This video, in conjunction with Volume 1, can offer year round preparation for multitudes of sports in ALL AREAS of Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport coaches: learn what to look for when helping your athlete start to strength train
  • Reduce the complexity when starting out in the weight room when you are a novice lifter
with Barry Kagan (C.S.C.S., L.M.T., R.N.) earned a Master's Certification from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association in 2008, a private practice strength and conditioning coach;
former University of Maryland Strength Coach, coached over 100 NCAA All-Americans, 15 NCAA National Championship Teams, played a role in the development of more than a dozen Olympians, 3 Men's FIFA World Cup players, over 50 professional athletes in numerous sports. For more information on Barry visit

See your strength and power production increase through a regimented program aimed at your sport pursuit.

CSCC Master Strength & Conditioning Coach Barry Kagan introduces and teaches you the technique and training you need to complete the Introductory Workout routines that are the backbone of the strength components for entireSport Performance Preparation Series. This video contains nearly five hours of video footage and enough embedded material to guide an athlete through a 10+ week pre-season preparation calendar (some material is only explained on video 3 in the series). This product contains:

  • Nearly 5 hours of footage on 2 DVDs
  • Introductory material - explanations of how the entire series functions
  • The Start Here guide that instructs the athlete with easy to follow flow charts that determine which program to implement based on the timing of their year round preparation.
  • Teaching methods to all strength training exercises contained in the entire 5-part series
  • Introductory "Lift Cards" for athletes to fill out during strength training sessions
  • Guidance on comprehensive warm up and prehab routines used with all strength training routines assigned throughout the video series
  • Guidance on performing a strength assessment
  • Guidance on performing a fitness assessment
Embedded bonus materials include:
  • Conditioning guide
  • Agility guide
  • Three different 10+ week pre-season preparation calendars periodized for Field Sports, Court Sports, and Strength and Power Sports (note: video description of speed and agility exercises contained on the preseason preparation calendar are contained on Video 3 in this series).
  • Four different 10 week strength training routines designed with needs of Distance Sports, Field Sports, Court Sports, & Strength and Power Sports in mind
Coach Kagan leaves no stone unturned including segments addressing protein intake, supplement warnings, and myths commonly believed by male and female athletes alike. This 2-disc set is a stand alone product to start an athlete on his or her path of performance training. It is recommended that individuals without significant experience in a weight room also view Videos 4 and 5 in the series to make your path smoother and more cohesive. Those products are not necessary for completion of workouts contained on this video, but will serve the athlete well in his/her learning process.

High school athletes: A commitment to all the training in this video will allow you to begin your season ready for collegiate level competition. If that will be your first season in college - you will make a statement right away. If you have another year of high school ahead - IMAGINE the impact you will have being prepared for the next level!

Collegiate athletes and those who aspire to even greater athletic achievement: there is plenty in this video for you!

Barry Kagan's Sport Performance Preparation Series contains all the tools necessary to take athletes to the next level in their athletic pursuits. The five part video series contains nearly 15 hours of footage and over 70 files of bonus materials that can guide an athlete from the start of off-season preparation to the completion of post-season play. The athletes used on the video are some of the top athletes in their respective sports in

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